Woman Rushed To Hospital Due To Booty Implant Infection


Unfortunately, Blac Chyna is currently being treated at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California for a serious booty implant infection. According to reporters, the silicone was causing tissue in her backside to harden and deform. She sought out the doctor who placed them in her backside before she started working at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida. She was determined to get the doctor to remove the implants after the birth of her baby King, but the doctor refused to help because of the “risks” and possible complications. 

But after she was sent home post-surgery, the operation wounds developed infections and they would not heal. She went into the hospital after she experienced vomiting and diarrhea and was diagnosed with sepsis. Sepsis is caused by the immune system’s response to a serious infection, most commonly bacteria, but also fungi, viruses, and parasites in the blood, urinary tract, lungs, skin, or other tissues. Sepsis can be thought of as falling within a continuum from infection to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome.

Her family claims it was what Blac Chyna wanted to be the baddest chick in the game. Her family, back in August, was also considering filing a medical malpractice claim, but after years of illegal injections and implants from different people and a last ditch effort from the doctor in Miami to remove her silicone, they weren’t sure who to sue. It’s unclear if they intend to go forward with any lawsuits.

Definitely a shame, and it just makes me think of these women in entertainment and everyday life who are running around trying to get back-alley butt injections and slicing up their faces and getting butt implants and changing their looks every time you see them. Just say no, ladies. Please, just say no.


  1. i can’t just imagine the kind of mentality some women have. i observed one thing common to men, they like and are always proud of them selves the way they are, but women; they always want more than what has been given to them by the creator and end up becoming worst. God please change our mentality oooo.