Women: 5 Common Mistakes On Their First Date

article-20141213340648846000How many remember not long for the thrill of first dates, the way in whichthe heart was beating so hard that they are still not enough to breathe, and especially the fear that the way home, hoping to expect the most romantic kiss? In fact, each new “first date” is a way to start a relationship, but how can we predict whether it will be so or not? May depend in part and every couple, but it is safe and avoid some “mistakes” that each of us has done at least once.

To your luck, you will not have to ask these questions to any boy. Here we’ll tell you what to do to avoid them. We talk to single guys, their friends and relatives. We also talked to some strangers while walking passed along to us, heard our conversation and could not help but be included in the discussion to tell us (in an annoying way) which renders them more crazy for the first few dates. And God’s sake, go we received a lot answers! Of course we know that men are not perfect, you can disagree if you wish, but there is a long list of things that girls do not know they do, and that can put them in the list of “Do not speak again lifetime. ”

These are the 5 serious mistakes often committed by women during their first few dates.

1. Talking about your ex
He would never order the raw meat just like you just did! Are you clear? He did not think of driving a car as you drive yourself. And of course! He would never wear a jacket like yours. Do you understand? Listen, we men want to go to dinner to get to know you better, not the idiot who left a couple of months. The more you talk to him, the more we thought that we are the “other” for you. Also a small detail, and a little curious by the way, the more you speak ill of the type, chances are that we begin to understand their position and put us on their side. Nobody can be so bad, I thought. Maybe you were too hard on him. Worse, they start to wander and think you’re gonna be just as bad to us if we continue with this relationship. And if so, why continue wasting our time with you? Why are we not better to have fun and enjoy a night of passion? Thus, ended a good night and managed to escape before we fuck the rest of life.

2. Ask too many questions that relate to your personal finances or your job. It is good to show interest in what we do, but save yourself questions like: What about your job in the company will generate actions? If you are concerned about their economy, make it these questions in a more distant time and to bring several quotes dating. Probably the best time to ask this is when they have a more formal relationship.

3. Do not eat anything for dinner
My partner Colin did his best when he told her: “I have no desire to go out with Gandhi.” Make us feel like a hungry caveman on a first date is pathetic. This just makes us feel good for nothing and prevents us from enjoying our delicious steak while you’re eating a small salad with some dressing on the side.

4. Choose very expensive restaurants
On your birthday, of course, we support to do it! But for your first date? In that it does not agree. Attempting to use any man to enjoy a delicious piece in the most expensive restaurant in town is one of the worst things a woman can make to your first appointment. Not only makes you look like a very materialistic and selfish person. It also acts as a poison for cockroaches and repel every man instantly.

5. Act as if they were sweethearts
The men are excited, like you, when you meet a nice girl and fun, and that seems to have no serious problems as, say, to be run from the law. Acts naturally and guard personal comments for later. If you show too much confidence in yourself, this could hurt you and make him want away from you. A no boy likes to go out with a smarty. Overconfidence and the way you go to it are very important. Nothing says “crazy girlfriend” rather than the fact invent a nickname every 15 minutes, and even more during a first date.

Women: 5 common mistakes on their first date

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