You Are Not Bigger Than Nigeria, Jang Tells Sanusi


Plateau State Governor and factional Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, Chief Jonah Jang, Sunday criticised the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, over his face-off with President Goodluck Jonathan, urging him to moderate his utterances as he was not bigger than Nigeria.

Jang’s criticism was contained in a statement in Abuja, by the NGF media office, signed by Kassim Yakubu.

Jang said as an appointee of the president, if there was any lack of trust between him and Jonathan, the only honourable thing for him to do was quit so that the president could appoint someone he would be comfortable to work with.

“If the relationship between the CBN governor and President Jonathan has become frosty, it is only logical that the president becomes uncomfortable knowing how sensitive the CBN is to his transformation agenda. Moreover, we elected the president to run the country and so we cannot be held hostage by an appointee of government if it is true that Mr. President has asked for the resignation of the CBN governor,” he added.

He warned that Jonathan should be allowed to run his government without unnecessary distractions, as he was voted as president by the people who trust him to pilot the nation’s affairs.


  1. Sanusi is an ingrate of the highest order. Hes turning round to bite the finger that fed him. With the alleged high handedness and moral depravity of this man he is not the type that would accept frlm any mortal, what hes doing to our beloveth preesident. Sanusis arrogance and irridentist approach to issues smell to high heavens. Sanusi must be told in no uncertain terms that hes no bigger than the man who appointed him to office. Sanusis appointment in the fifst instance was a gross mistake as there were mlre quslified professionals ln the job before this up-start was imposed on the people. He was reponsible for for the leakage of the of the letter he purportedly wrote to mr President. He is a disgrace to the youths of this country. If this Fulani braggert has any pride if not arrogance, he should have resigned immediately he was accused of the leakage. Sanusi is a man who has never hodden his interest in politics. He misjudged the atmosphere by thinking the leakage of his letter would give him the leverage he so soughts after. Shame on you Sanusi. One would have thought you would be bold enough to resign, with all the noise you are making. When the time came for him to show his bravery and he developed cold feet. What a disgrace. What a shame to the arristocfacy he represents. Malam do the needful and resign with ignominy. Nigeria is greater than you and the aristocracy in the North, you represent. Shameless and arrogant nitwit.

  2. Sanusi has given notice of retirement,the man has done well and so he should be allowed to handover peacefully to the next appointtee.CBN is a sensitive entity and so it should not be handled shabbily

  3. Mr Gotom,you are talking like one without home training.Jang passed a comment and you are insulting him, why? What d Sanusi did, is it right? Pls don’t bring your personal sentiments.More over as a christian you don’t insult your elders moreso those in authority.

  4. Dont tell me that if you were employed by someone and that person is doing wrong you’ll not correct him simply because you’re his employee

  5. Ameh Victor, we got your message please send down your CV with immediate effect so that you can take over the CBN office’s leadership you don’t even need any aprove from house members. Lol!


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