14 Signs That He Loves You Without Saying It Out!

Being curious to know if a guy loves you is a whole waste of time. Because he didn’t say “I love you” doesn’t really mean he doesn’t. Some guys find it hard to express their love through words, but they are really good at expressing it through their behaviour and here are some signs to know that would tell…..

1. He remembers what you say: A guy who is truly in love with a girl, always listens to her and remembers what she says, even if it is something trivial because he takes her seriously.

2. He take care of your needs if your man really loves you, he will always look for a way to make your life better, be it about covering you with a blanket when you are cold, Helping you with stuff even when you least expected him to be doing that or even cooks for you.

3. You are always a part of his big plans in life: He speaks about his life and dreams with you, and you always have a prominent place in his future plans.

4. He holds your hand instinctively when you are in crowd and places his hand on your back, when crossing the Street. This is reflex action that both of you won’t realize. If a guy loves you he will always want to protect you and reassure you.

5. He values your opinion a lot and doesn’t take any important decisions about his own life without hearing your opinion and having a discussion with you

6. He wraps his hands around you or stand closer to you, when talking to other guys and having a good laugh, this is to show the world that you’re the one he loves and any other guys should back off.

7. He uses the ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘me’ without realising it.

8. He respects you and treats you with a lot of respect. He doesn’t stare at other girls when you’re around and he doesn’t cut you off in a middle of a conversation.

9. You are the last person he speaks to or text at night. If he loves you, you’ll be the first and last thing on his mind every time he wakes up and go to sleep.

10. He makes a lot of effort to be liked by friends and family. He cares about what your friends and family thinks of him and he also understand that their impression of him will also affect your relationship with them.

11. He can’t stay mad at you for any reason, for more than couple of hours. People in love can’t stay mad at each other, he tries to apologies first, even if it’s your fault, but he can’t stand to see you mad at him

12. He talks a lot: if a guy loves you, he finds it easy to tell you things easily, be it about his life, work or plans or even how annoying his friends are.

13. He is a helping hand: he’s always ready to offer a helping hand every time you ask him, even if he’s busy, he does it while whinning and grumbling at the same time.

14.He never forgets your special day: Especially your birthday! He tries so hard to always remember it and also help out on that day