28-year-old Nigerian Student Sentenced To Death In Malaysia For Drug Trafficking

drug-traffickingA 28 year old Nigerian student, Prince Bartholomew Obitube, has been sentenced to death by a high court in Malaysia for trafficking drugs. The Shah Alam High Court yesterday Feb 26th gave the death penalty to Obitube after he was found guilty of trafficking cannabis, also known as marijuana.

The accused, a student with a private college in Kuala Lumpur, was arrested with 9,189kg of cannabis at Desa Satu Apartment, Gombak on Aug 20, 2011. According to the facts of the case, Obitube was caught by police from the Gombak Narcotic Crime Investigation Department, following a tip off, within the apartment area after he tried to run away with a backpack containing the drugs.

The offense, under the Dangerous Drugs Act in the country, provides a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.


  1. This is what happened when you go to another country and flout their laws.
    @nakins…why are you surprised? that is the stand in Malaysia and other Asian countries. It s not like our lawless Nigeria. A lot of them are on the death roll in several other countries.
    good riddance to bad rubbish