1. Tuface s obviously under a spell,he shld go 4 deliverance wats d joy in impregnating evry lady? Dis had bera be a joke nd for d bitch Teni wareva shez jst a. Golddigger,any lady dt sleeps wif a married man s a prostitute

    • Tuface is married! but he is still an hypertek nigga….. kids are gift from GOD, there is nothing wrong with having them if he can take care of them. there are men out there who can’t impregnate a woman. it’s part of his destiny to be father of all nation. Abraham, Job and king solomon were worst than 2baba when it comes to things like this and yet they were all favored by GOD. Check ur bible, Abraham impregnated his house maid.

  2. 2boy ride on it ur time make the best use of it. Go ye to the world and multiple. Just continue making the ladies to become woman we are solidly behind u. Let us know when is the naming.

  3. Info Nig. isn’t it time for u to remove this Afrocandi call for prostitution stuff,u hv kept it so long. is irritating,pls remove it. As for 2face i wont coment yet,still waiting for d real story behind it.

  4. Solomon with all his wives didn’t ve more 3 to 4 children. so tubaba to me he needs to decipline himsef and for the ladies there u are only creating wahala for ursef . U can’t rest having star as a hubby

  5. SENIOR MAN, TU BABA, you are my Inlaw but no lele, at the same time continued Be a WISE MAN you Are. Na GOD, Na HIM be everthhing, THem nogo Kill YOU oh, you go lived longer in JESUS AMEN.

  6. I think dis guy called 2face need serious deliverance.wetin,wetin sef.Den use toto swear 4 am.Dat pretty woman(annie)never do am.He needs to talk to her senses. 4 Teniola or whatever u call ursef,U wn marry star abi.U go knw how far o.Ile Olorogun lo fe teriwo abi.Wa gba.U hv made d greatest mistake of ur life by concieving 4 2face bcos he can never marry U.write it dwn.I wish u best of shame.

  7. The truth of the matter ℓ̊s that 2baba has quality sperm count which many men don’t have. Any woman looking for the fruth of the womb can contact 2baba for Α̲̅ solution. Only one round ℓ̊s ok. It is Α̲̅ God given gift T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ 2baba. 2baba pls enlighten men what T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ eat or drink T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ solve their infertility problem.

  8. Dnt put d blame on him sum ladies are mad if d so cald teniola is nt insance aow cn she cal her sef his bank accountant and alow 2face to deposit in her belly? He cn at least withdraw at anitime xo he wants d pregnancy withdraw datz all dat lady is a tief

    Dat lady is a tief

  9. 2face, d day u stop d flag of reproduction frm flying, u commit abomination against man nd nature! make sure u ferterlize evry egg in d ovry of a womn. Gudluck broda.

  10. 2face said he is an open book. Nothn is hidden abt him. He denied d issue on twitter. Let’s wait 4 d truth. 2baba we dey ur back.1luv

  11. Its high time he stopped this mess if the story is true, he should abstain for crying out loud or better still use protection if he cant helping copulation with his wife alone. Its getting too much. mtscheeeeeeeeeeewww.

  12. Tubaba, de truth of his matter is dat he need serious fasting and prayers. It is prayers because we to help him out of dis sickness and hw can we help by praying my brothers and sisters in Christ pls lets help him out,God bless u all though Christ our lord Amen


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