5 Bad Habits that are Actually Good for You

article-201382247481528095000Habits are a disguised form of addiction that you develop over time. Like all other things, habits too can be categorised into good and bad. There lies a distinct line which differentiates these two worlds of habits. However, there are some habits that appear bad but do have some positive effects as well. So, take a look at some such bad habits that are actually too good to let go.

1. Losing your temper
To all the hot-headed people reading this, do not take this as a ‘compliment’, but a little flared temper may be a tonic for your mind and body. Anger can decelerate the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body. This stress hormone is linked to many problems, such as obesity and heart disease. So, venting out your anger and irritations, in a healthy and harmless way, helps you to reduce stress and increase your concentration.

2. Skipping a shower
No one could have guessed that this nasty habit would have a positive side as well. Daily shower erodes the natural oils from your skin, which keeps it hydrated and supple. Dr. Richard Gallo, chief of the dermatology division at the University of California, says that daily showering removes some of the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of skin. Not to mention all the water and time you will be saving as well. However, do not try this on the days when the weather gets humid or you are doing some strenuous activities.

3. Surfing the internet
All the online shopping, video streaming and social networking might take up a lot of your valuable time; but they do have some positive effects too. Web browsing can fire up your brain’s complex-reasoning hubs and trigger the memory cells. It can also improve your decision making powers and increase your mental strength. It is like a gym for your mind. Besides, you get to socialise with a world of endless possibilities. But, goggling on the internet is a powerful and tricky tool, so just be smart enough to not to misuse it.

4. Chewing gum
Referred by many as a ‘disgusting and annoying habit’, yet here are some motivating reasons to open that pack of chewing gum. It improves both short and long term memory. Chewing gum also helps in increasing concentration, along with giving you a fresher breath. Not only this, it also helps you slim down by stimulating your brain’s satiety centres. It also strengthens the gums in your mouth. But, it is best to stick to the sugar-free ones and not overdo it!

5. Skipping workout
Do you go frantic if you miss out on your workout for a day or two? Well, as long as you are not a professional athlete or a gym trainer, it is not really essential to workout every day to stay fit. As per studies, gruelling workout sessions trigger the release of a hormone (lipoprotein lipase), which make your hunger pangs more prominent. More you exert your body, hungrier you feel. Not only this, overtraining can also lead to extreme mood swings. So, relax and take a day off from your gym without stressing yourself!


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