5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

The most-awaited day for those in love is just round the corner. All your friends are busy planning for fun things to do on February 14. Are you sulking in your room, consoling yourself for being single? Well, we say snap out of it right now! Valentine’s Day is a day of love and definitely not just for those in a relationship. It is also about loving yourself! We have 5 fabulous ideas for you to have a great Valentine’s Day.

1. Treat yourself!
When was the last time you had an elaborate body massage? Or at least a luxurious bubble bath? In the hectic schedules today, you tend to forget to take care of yourself. why not spend this Valentine’s Day doing just that? Book an appointment and relax in your favourite spa. Go for a nice mani-pedi, facial and massage. Just feel and look beautiful. Here is another tempting option- how about gifting yourself with that expensive dress you spotted last week at the mall? Who said only your partner should gift something nice? You can save this day to spurlge to your heart’s content!

2. Make your family feel good
Nothing can make you feel as good as doing something for someone special. Valentine’s Day is all about love. Who said it has to be only about your partner? This V-Day, remember all the special people in your life and the things they have done for you. Like your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. You can make them feel great by getting gifts for them, leaving thank you notes, cooking them their favourite meal, or taking them out on a picnic. Trust us, it will be a far more satisfying and fulfilling experience than anything else.

3. 3. Have a singles’ party

Do you really need to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have friends? Not really. Get all your single friends together and plan a fun night out. There is so much that you can do together! You can go dancing at your favourite club, have a movie marathon, or any fun ideas that you all agree upon! Or how about an “ex bashing session” with your besties? Sounds fun, right?

4. Share the love

Have you ever donated something to somebody in need? Try it this Valentine’s Day and notice the immense joy it gives you. And why something old and used? Buy something new and fun for a street child, or donate some stationary at an orphanage, buy a new outfit for your maid, or simply buy some treats for the homeless children playing on the streets. There are numerous ways in which you can share the Valentine’s love. Trust us, you won’t feel “single and lonely” one bit after this.

5. Plan a singles’ trip

Get all your single friends together and plan a fun road trip! If you are short on time, you all can just hop on a flight or train to your favourite vacation destination and have a blast. If no one is free, you can always have some “me time” and travel all by yourself, exploring the places you have always wanted to see.

There is no reason to feel blue and binge on ice-cream watching emotional dramas on TV this Valentine’s Day. Get off the couch, get dolled-up and have a rocking Valentine’s Day basking in the glory of being single.

Source – bollywoodshaadis.com

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