5 Reasons Women like Older Men

article-20142455224719367000Many women are attracted to men who are much older than them. So what is it really? Is it the stability that they offer? Or is it just “cool”? We decode five possible reasons that can be behind such relationships.

1. The secure feeling
Being with a man who is older, natural means he is financially stable and secured. Apart from that, there are all the chances that he is emotionally stable too. Such men offer a natural sense of security to women. They feel more carefree financially, physically and emotionally when they are with such men.

2. Understand women better
With the experience and wisdom that comes with age, older men also tend to understand women better. They are known to be more understanding and sensitive towards the emotional needs of a woman, which obviously women find very attractive. While the not-so-matured and younger men are still busy gaining their share of experience, women tend to choose the older ones for their affectionate and protective ways.

3. Fun to talk to
Older men are often well-read and well-informed about worldly matters, which makes them interesting to talk to. Very rarely do they brag and are mostly interested in enjoying a conversation rather than showing-off. Moreover, they like to talk about varied things other than mere mushy stuff. Therefore, many women are of the opinion that such men are a better choice than their younger counterparts.

4. Feeling at peace
It is a well-known fact that most women tend to panic and get upset quickly. This is when they need a firm, supportive and understanding partner by their side. It might sound clichéd, but women find older men more “grown up” emotionally and with their thoughts about the relationship. So, even if the woman gets upsets or panics in some situations, the man can provide the much required stability and calmness.

5. Less likely to cheat
While younger men are busy looking for flings and some fun time, the older ones (at least most of them!) seek just one thing- a stable, committed relationship. This is something that attracts women. Such men are looked at as dependable, honest and loyal, and less likely to stray.



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