5 Secret Habits for a Happy Married Life

images (9)Any relationship requires efforts for it to grow stronger and happier. This holds true even more for marriages, as the chances of difference of opinions and egos clashing are higher. Those who are already married will certainly agree to this. But there are ways in which one can make the journey smooth and happy. Even though every couple shares a different chemistry and different dynamics with each other, there are some habits, which if adopted can make any marriage stronger. We share with you these very well-known, yet often forgotten secrets.

1. Express through simple gestures
After a few months, expensive gifts are not what matters in a relationship. What adds value and happiness for a couple are the small gestures in everyday life. Bringing home your partner’s favourite dessert after work or cooking their favourite dish as a surprise, is what gives a boost to the happiness in the relationship. The thought that you were thinking about them, makes them feel special no matter how long you have been married for.

2. Be a team
Sharing responsibilities and working as a team is the best habit to inculcate as a couple, and it goes a long way. The house belongs to the both of you; working together in the garden, in the kitchen, or even in tasks as simple as making the guest list for a party or attending the children’s PTA meetings together makes you feel like you belong together. It increases respect, understanding and appreciation for each other.

3. Give each other space
This is probably the most important habit that most couples tend to take for granted. You must have definitely heard the quote- distance makes the heart grow fonder. You need not have a long distance relationship for this! It merely means that you must give your partner some time and space to themselves with their friends or for their hobbies. Being married does not mean spending every minute together. A “super possessive” spouse can be frustrating for some.

4. Maintain communication
Communication is an integral part of any strong relationship. Your marriage is bound to be a happy and successful one if you have the habit of talking about every issue with your spouse. If there is something about them that has been bothering you, if you are unhappy about some situation on the home front, or if it is something as routine as discussing the children’s progress at school, make sure you talk about things with your partner. Keeping things in the heart will only pent up the emotions and frustration, which can damage any relationship.

5. Explore the power of intimacy
No matter how long you have been married for, physical intimacy is always as important as emotional compatibility. We don’t mean just in the bedroom, but also in like hugging, cuddling, kissing, or something as simple as holding hands. When these simple gestures become a habit, they ensure a loving and everlasting bond.

source: bollywoodshaadis