5 Secrets to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

3214316_GBox chocolates and stuffed teddy bears may be a little cheesy, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t make room for love in our lives this Valentine’s Day – and look good doing it! Whether you’re wifed up or single and mingling, February 14 is about celebrating romance and being open to new possibilities. Follow these five secrets to the perfect Valentine’s look, and Cupid’s arrow is sure to strike!

1. Wear red

This might seem obvious, but Valentine’s Day is all about the color of love. Red dresses are fabulous, but you can also wear red as an accent piece. A little black dress with some red pumps or handbag is a knockout combo.

2. Show some skin – but not too much

Be sexy without giving it all away! If you’re wearing a low-cut top, go longer on the hemlines. If your dress or skirt is tight, make sure it isn’t too short. Skanky isn’t chic! And if it’s chilly outside, sheer black tights will keep you feeling warm and looking sexy.

3. Choose simple jewelry

A beautiful pair of pearl earrings, silver bangles, a delicate gold chain – wear it, but be minimalist. This night is about you; you don’t want jewelry that takes away from your beauty. A helpful rule is if you’re wearing earrings that aren’t studs, you don’t need a necklace. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, try something heart-shaped!

4. Make your lips pop

If you’re planning – or hoping – to do some smooching this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want your lips to be the center of attention. A red or bright pink shade will do the trick! Just be sure your lips don’t clash with your dress.

5. Rock heels you love

Valentine’s day is about confidence in yourself, and nothing makes you feel more like a goddess than your favorite heels. Make sure you can walk in them, though!

Source: galtime.com



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