5 Things Girlfriends Should Stop Doing After Becoming Wives

article-2013113176523224752000Does life stay the same when you transform into a wife from a girlfriend? If you ask most married couples, the answer will be ‘No’! When a girlfriend becomes a wife, she takes up many new roles, responsibilities and emotional burdens. This is bound to cause a number of changes in her personality. Here are a few ways in which most girlfriends change once they become wives. Well, we won’t just talk about the problems, but also the ways to escape from such a situation, and to keep love and romance alive in your relationship.

1. They expect a fairy tale
Your married life is not going to be a ‘happy ever after’! Expecting that you and your husband will have a dream house, where he will help you plant daisies in the garden is childish. As a married couple, you both will have to face problems and you both will have fights and make compromises, etc. Always remember, you are getting married, not shifting to another universe. You both have to work towards your ‘happily ever after’, and that can only happen with love, respect and a few compromises from both sides.

2. Try too hard to please everyone
Sometimes women try too hard to please everybody after they get married. They try to prove themselves to be the perfect homemaker, who cooks, cleans and keeps everybody happy, apart from the professional responsibilities. It is a good idea; but you are not the ‘Superwoman’! There is only so much that a person can handle before they snap under the pressure. The biggest victim in this scenario will be your relationship with your husband. He will have to face the wrath of your stress. So, make sure you don’t bite more than you can chew.

3. Do not talk about their true feelings
Getting married and moving into your husband’s house can be emotionally stressful. Keeping your feelings inside can cause stress that is expressed in the form of nagging, mood swings, bad temper, etc. Instead of showing your ugly side to your husband, try to talk to him about what is bothering. This will not only save you both a lot of heartache, but also bring you closer as a married couple.

4. Not giving enough personal space
Just because you married him, it doesn’t mean that your husband doesn’t need his personal space. A married couple is much more involved in each other’s life than a dating couple, but every person desires some personal space. Give him time to hang out with his friends or take part in an activity he likes. It will give you time to relax and have some “Me-time” too.

5. Try to become teacher or mother
We know, men at times don’t mind their manner! They don’t know how to keep the house clean, hang their towels in the bathroom, put the dishes in the sink and the list goes on…(READ) If you want to change your husband’s bad habits, then do it gradually. Constant nagging about each and everything he does will only make him zone you out!
Becoming a wife from a girlfriend is one of the biggest changes you will experience in your life. So, make this time as magical and romantic as possible.



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