Actress Foluke Daramola Did Not Use ‘Juju On Me – Kayode Salako Opens Up On Why Ex-Wife Left

Foluke Daramola and hubby Kayode Salako are still trying to get people to understand their love and for the first time, in recent a chat, Kayode revealed the actual reason his ex wife left their marriage.


Foluke Daramola & hubby Kayode Salako


I am granting this interview because I believe it is time for me to tell the world, why my ex wife decided to leave. That is the essence of this interview. I want the whole world to know that Bukola did not leave me because of 3 things (1) that I am irresponsible (2) that Foluke used juju to drive her away (3) because members of my family wanted to kill her. I need to give you a clear picture of what happened so that my wife can be free from that mess. I want to say that Bukola was the one who packed up the marriage and left. But I know it was a very painful decision for her.

Even before I met Foluke, the two of us have been discussing it. We had been thinking on how to go about it. Bukola did not enjoy that 13 years she lived with me, because I was treating one ailment or the other. She was always in and out of the hospital.


I don’t know. I don’t fall sick. I am AA blood group. Foluke is AA. My ex-wife is AA. When you are AA you don’t have business with sickness. I have never been to the hospital. Foluke has never fallen ill since I married her. In my family, we don’t fall sick and we have longevity. In my ex-wife family too, they don’t die young. They don’t fall sick. But unfortunately she never enjoyed that 13 years because she was always falling sick. Today we will treat eye problem with excruciating pain. Tomorrow it will be ear, then teeth, then the back. It was always from one mysterious problem to another throughout the 13 years.

There was even a time, Bukola died in the hospital. She was certified died. About 20 minutes after she opened her eyes again and came back to life. You can go to Life center Hospital at Amore Street in Ikeja. The hospital is own by Redeemed Church. They can tell you our story there. How we always come in and out of there. That hospital was not only our hospital. We had several hospitals. Sometimes I will have to rush my wife to the hospital at 1 am to 2 am at night when her health condition starts. So throughout all the 13 years, Bukola never enjoyed the marriage. It was so mysterious that I had to go out to consult some Pastors to pray.

Please take us back to when you first met her (Foluke). How did you hit it off?

In a nice way. Foluke did not jump at me at first. At the time we met she was already preparing to leave Nigeria, to relocate to Canada. So she was only gathering money to travel with her children. She gave me a hell of a problem. I was confused. I later understood her and we became friends. We used to talk a lot and we used to relate as friends. I just discover that after a while Foluke started liking me unusually she started becoming drawn to me.  At the end of the day we became very good friends. She now began to see me as an elder brother and a true companion and someone she could always count on. That was how the whole story started. We didn’t start by sleeping with each other.

That is how we started it and that is what we have built it up to. So, I want to disabuse that public impression that my wife used juju to woo me.

I have lived with Foluke for one year now and I can say she is the best thing that has happened to my life.


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