[Advice Needed] I Can’t Seem To Love Again After The Love Of My Life Passed On. Please Help!!

I am finding it hard to love again. I had my first boyfriend when I was 23. His name was Peter, we met in a bus while traveling back to school. Something happened while we were in the bus and we started laughing and we made naughty comments about what happened, and somehow we got talking and started moving from the peripherals to the deep things about ourselves. When we dropped, He asked for my number and without giving it a second thought, I gave it to him. He kept in touch, calling virtually everyday. He comes to my hostel frequently and we have fun and play together. He was so romantic and loving, and I enjoyed being with him. Anytime he comes around, I do everything possible to hold him back so he wouldn’t go on time. We kept these up for 3 years and our love grew and grew.

On the 12 of May 2012, I received a call from Peter’s friend saying Peter had an accident while working with an equipment at work and that he was rushed to a hospital in Benin. I rushed down to see Peter, shedding tears and praying as I approached the room they laid him. As I entered the room, I held his hand, and saying silently “you would be alright”! With the little strength he had in him, he held my hands tight and whispered “I would always love you”….And that was the last word from Peter. He was gone. I cried and cried.

Time passed and I gathered courage to move on. Several men have shown interest in me, but somehow, I have made the personality of Peter a standard. If he isn’t like Peter, I don’t allow them get any closer. Now it’s almost two years and I am still single. Is something wrong with me? I want to love again, but I feel I have set a standard no man can ever meet up to! I am confused, how do I move on?



  • Oh dear! Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. You shouldn’t die along with Peter, I’m sure wherever Peter is,he’ll want you to find love and be happy again. What you have to do is to give another person a chance, you never can tell,he may be better than Peter. But you have to try.

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