[Advice Needed] I Don’t Want To Be His Second wife and I Don’t Want To Abort The Baby! Please Help!

I am 32 years old. I met this man through a friend and we got talking. He said he would marry me and all that, I agreed and we had sex on several occasions. Now, he impregnated me and I am 3 months pregnant. Last week, I got a call from another woman informing me that I should leave her husband and that they are married with two kids. The man in question is not saying anything, he said the decision lies in my hands, that I can keep or abort the baby and that he would support whatever thing I decide on. I’m confused. I don’t want to be a second wife and I don’t want to abort the pregnancy, the man in question isn’t helping in decision making. Please help!


  • Don’t abort the pregnancy and don’t be a second wife, just deliver your baby and let him take the full responsibility and then move on with your life. Next time when you meet a man, investigate his background well before taking in for him, or accepting his marriage proposal.

  • Lady, you mean you still go around having unprotected sex with a near stranger at this time and age? What were you thinking is the result of unprotected sex? I believe having realised your plan of tricking him with a pregnancy has backfired that is why you are now running from pillar to post. Anyways,since the innocent baby is on its way, I advise you to keep the baby, leave someone,s marriage and focus on God and being a good mama. That’s all o

  • Lady, Do not do anything funny or stupid. Do not try to kill the first wife or the baby. Both actions will lead you to prison and hell. You are lucky to get pregnant at 32yrs. Many are not so lucky.Keep the baby. The baby may turn out to be AA blood group, Superstar, etc. You will be luckier then because the father will come begging u to be first wife and take you to Rome. Just look for another man for a second child meanwhile.

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