[Advice Needed] I Maltreated My Girlfriend Because She Won’t Cook For Me! How Do I Make Her Forgive Me?

Two nights ago, I got drunk out of what we call “over happiness” over a deal I just struck. I called my girl who lives in my lodge up into my room and told her that I’m sorry for not being able to help her complete her assignment I was copying because I was too dizzy. She calmed down when she saw I was drunk and even fed me and looked after me while I was jonzing… When the effects of the alcohol started affecting my health in the middle of the night, she advised me to self induce myself to throw up which I did and threw up every single grain of indomie she fed me, about 30mins after throwing up, I became soooo hungry. It was almost like I haven’t eaten in my life, she was already lying down sleeping when I tapped her to give me food to eat, since I threw up the little she fed me but she refused. Instead, she asked me to eat a little remaining bread and drink water. Immediately, I became surprised as I know first-hand that she had a pot of stew in her room with some un-cooked rice. For the fact that she was sleepy, I considered it and knew that she won’t be able to cook that night, so I begged her to please go to her room and get the stew and rice so I can boil it, she still refused and told me she won’t do it. I annoyingly stood up and walked towards her, then out of fear, she agreed and told me that she will go and bring it.

30 minutes later, I was still waiting for her to show up with the food but she didn’t. I went down to her room at about 1:00am and knocked fiercely on her door till her room mate opened the door. I walked into the room only to find her lying comfortably on her bed.. I was shocked at such wickedness, hungry as a starving wolf and still drunk with both alcohol and rage, I grabbed her from the bed, and started pulling her to my room. After a couple of pleas from her room mate, I left her lying on the floor crying while I narrated what happened to her room mate who immediately agreed to prepare the rice for me to eat.

Its been two days now and my girlfriend of 2 years has refused to talk to me, I’ve pleaded with all my heart and soul to her but still she says that I should just leave her alone. I’m so confused right now and I don’t know what to do because I actually do love her.

Please I need reasonable advises.


  • Hahahaha panel beater na she give u d drink anyway sha no worry ur drunk head she go forgive u, give her some time n go n buy her plenty of gifts okkkkkkk

  • Still beg her I believe she is gonna listen,text her dose swt words u no she always want 2 her,make he no u luv her 2 d call n pls if she has answered u.Pls n Pls don’t get drunk again.They re many ways u can celebrate ur hapiness.

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