[Confession] My Boyfriend’s Father Is Very Good In The Bedroom

I know that this is not something that many ladies want to talk about even though they are in the same situation but I’m matured.


I know my left from my right and I want you readers to see things from my own point of view. My story is brief and straight to the point:

I’m a 38yr old lady who is independent but I regret not getting married in my mid and late 20s when men were in serious demand for my hand in marriage.

I kept saying I was not ready and now I blame myself for all the shit I’m facing after I turned 33 five years ago. But I met this young guy, he’s 30yr old. I love him and I told him my real age and he’s ok with it, maybe because I spend my money on him.

Fast forward to last December, I met his father and one thing led to another and the man passed a night in my apartment. It was very hot! He performed far better than his son in bed…

My boyfriend’s father is 57, divorced and he is madly in love with me. He even give me money to increase my biz not like his son who collects from me.

The man is ready to marry me but my problem is that I’ve slept with his son and I still do it with him once in a while just to satisfy him so he doesn’t suspect his father.

But I can’t continue to sleep with father and son. I’m enjoying the father’s “juice” more. Pls what can I do?


  1. Sometimes u should knw d kind of story u guys publish here. As for the idiot, she’s hell already and is just looking for who to take along. Useless old fool make she no marry. Keep fucking father and son

    • You are one of the ladies that play away their time, sleeping with son and father is a sin, God can forgive u. lady u love the man more than the father not only because of sexual advantage but because the man is in money, which means that after committing immorality with you he will still give u money wah o o o o!!!!. thief, asewo, olojukokoro, that is why u have not marry since if care is not taken u may not have a taste of marriage. Give ur life to JESUS, tell him to forgive u your sin. change ur ways, quite this relationship built on sin. God will lead and give u your man.

  2. I have a question for u…does d father knows u re sleeping with his son? What was his reaction to it? Did he still insist marrying u despite d fact dat u re dating his son? How did he want to convince his son to step down in d relationship for him? Don’t u think what u re doing can tear father and son apart? I understand that d old man satisfy u well..and its good to marry a man that can give u d best s*x than marry out of pity a man dat can’t give u dat satisfaction then u end up cheatin on him..if u can answer my questions above truthfully, that will help u trace ur step..

  3. Hmmm, yound lady dis is a sad and pathetic story of urs. Ask God 2forgive u first n ask Him 4 direction, He will surely 4give u. U av 2let d father knows what u r into n if he can continue with u fyn go ahead n marry him bcos sex satisfaction is very important in marriage rather than sleeping around after marrying d son. God will direct u,we shouldn’t abuse her but 2 advise her cos what some people are doing secretly is more hazardous than her own.

  4. Its not a crime to open up.I salute her courage. She has all the blames anyway but I’ll advice her to quit the relationship with both of them and get someelse else.

  5. I pitty u young lady. Well i will not say much,but here is my advice to u. You must have enough hope to keep ur heart lookin 4ward to only one man, & not dat fada & son anymore u must live dem 4 peace. Tank u!

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  7. She nid’s an advice nd u guyz r droppin trash. Well my advice 4 her z to leave either d fada or son nd find sum1 else b4 chineke go gbukwa ya.

  8. To me, my dear I will say, u shuld go for d fada hence u will b helping the boy too cos as a girlfriend u’re already 4tin his bills, imagine wat u will do if u eventually becomes his step mom, so pls sit him down and make him understand that u nid to get married and dis is the opportunity that u see.


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