ANTI-GAY LAW Article: Reply to Chimamanda Adichie

Ezea Chukwudi wrote an open letter to popular writer Chimamanda Adichie. In this letter the author reasons about anti-gay law and Chimamanda’s judgments. Read the full text below.

Before I start I would like to ask you to ignore my grammatical errors. I’m not a writer so I have no reputation to protect in terms of grammatical errors. I write principally in response to your article on anti-gay law. I would really plead for your patience to calmly read my own view.

I have never read your article before now. I have heard of your reputation in writing and I had already rated you even when I had never read your articles. Unfortunately your sense of judgment is being questioned when I gave you the chance to create an impression because I’m not a type that takes a second chance to make a good impression.

I want you to understand that the Story of Sochukwuma is what you created just to spice up your writing and you didn’t tell us that Sochukwuma wanted to be gay. Nevertheless, I would like to share a similar story. When I was younger, there was a man called Amechi. He had the same nature with Sochukwuma but he has five children now. A friend of mine called Dera has the same nature and he is called ladies man because he has girlfriends and he intends to settle down soon. Obinna has two girlfriends and he’s also currently dating one of the Nollywood actresses.


You are an enlightened woman and you should not use your education to spread ignorance, you don’t really have to deceive people into accepting evil in the name of human right. As a woman, I expect you to write what you can defend before God.

You spoke like you are a puppet in the hands of western people, because they support gay, you have to do so but that doesn’t make it right. What is really democracy? Is it really all about protecting the minority as you said even when minority are hell bent in turning Nigeria into Sodom and Gomorah. Is that really democracy? Human right is a Greek gift from satan. What is human right when it is against the Creator? We abuse nature in the name of human right and even legalizing gay is abuse of human right. Should everybody do what they wish to do because human right backs them up? Is there any religion that support it or do your culture support it? Even nature abhors it.

Do you believe in morality? Should human right violate morality? You talked of gay people being different, normal and you still support what is not normal to be legalised. You write to fight against nature and God’s plan for creation.

When you said that passing anti-gay law was an indication of a failed democracy in Nigeria, I laughed because was it not a failed democracy when the western world threatened to withdraw their financial aid to any African country that signs anti-gay law. Does that mean Africa must accept what they impose on us, does that mean we don’t have the right to choose the way we wish to live. You should have supported the African minority rather than Western majority. I think you should show balance in your judgment.

It was laughable when you said homosexual is not a crime because it has no victim. You equally did not answer why prostitution, gambling, illicit use of drugs, suicide are crimes when they have no victim. You equally failed to answer why abortion is legalized even when it has a victim. Amanda, are you a virtuous woman? Would you want your daughter to marry another woman and your son to marry another man? Did you really write with conscience?

If gay is legalised then bestiality should also because there is no crime, because there is no victim. It will be also be undemocratic if bestiality don’t have their own right and if bestiality have their right, what do you want this world to turn into? And I don’t think you would wish your children to marry dogs.

This is anti-humanity. You said there were gay people in Nigeria before you were born, that’s because your existence was possible because your parents were not and same sex marriage was not legal. Just imagine a sharp rise in population of same sex marriage if it is legalised. Supporting same sex marriage is denying unborn ones the right to exist or don’t they deserve the privileged like you?

It could have been awesome if you had suggested how to heal them and make them normal rather than legalizing it as you claim they were not normal. If you really have good conscience you should have suggested how we can make them normal not encouraging them to remain abnormal.

If I ask your opinion on murder, you will say it is evil but which evil is more than murdering the souls of men. I would like to ask you, are you working for the devil? Are you bringing souls to God or to the devil? Are you working for a devilish innovation of the new world order?

Many ignorant people are giving you great ovation after reading your article but God will ask you the blood of the souls that will end up in hell because of what you sent to the public. You compare homosexual with fornication. Between two evils, one is better. Fornication is evil but it is not against nature because it involves two opposite sex, it can have good end product like marriage and child birth but what is the good end product in homosexuality? Anti-nature, anti-humanity, extinction of man kind? Is that your wish for the world? Why are we fighting for natural conservation if not for continuity?

You don’t have to write because you have the right and knowledge to do so but there should be sanctity in what you write. I know you know how to write but your pride should not make you think you know better than your Creator, Leviticus 18:22. If really your opinion about same sex marriage is from your honest heart then the similarity between you and human being is just coincidental. Someone needs morality, see the person in the mirror.

By Ezea Chukwudi


  1. Ma.i ccommend your write up.This is exactly what i would have said if i had the opportunity of replying chimamanda.Your write-up is timely.Thanks again

  2. Ezea, ,please, you guys should leave Chimamanda alone.She needs our prayers in lieu of condemnation cos obviously she is like the proverbial bird ‘nza’ :after eatin ‘belle-full’ decided to challenge it’s god (chi) to a wrestling match.

  3. Thanks so much for clearing the world the different between being normal and being abnormal. cos being gay is abnormal and it’s disheartening in d society.

  4. Ezea l thank you so much for your brilliant response to chimamanda . l think her head need to be examined and l think she wanted to gain cheap popularity from gay and lesbian colony’s.

  5. OMG, U̶̲̥̅̊ killed it tnks. ℓ̊ wonder the shame that would envelope dis amanDa (‘_’).Wen ℓ̊ Heard bout Her tot she was somtin evryone can look upto to emulate but NO! Just anoda scumbag full oF sh*t,Bitch asshole.An alienic culture our own prodigy trying to inflict on us. From d day U̶̲̥̅̊ wrote dt rubbish U̶̲̥̅̊ seize to exist among Nigerians U̶̲̥̅̊ re just useless like the white. U̶̲̥̅̊ re trying to get favour from them…. Lolz ℓ̊ pity U̶̲̥̅. This letter has saiD it allm I pray U̶̲̥̅̊ see reasons to change ΰя devilish ways all bcos U̶̲̥̅̊ re trying to get favor Frm d whites b4 its too late.

  6. Well said…its rather disheartening to see that such a woman, a role model, would write to satisfy the “majority”. Is she of a dead conscience or simply without morals?

  7. I ve never commented on amy post before now bt dis write up moved me 2. D writers wisdom cannot b measured with any degree acquired or level of exposure. Thank u, frm d bottom of my heart, thank u 4 typing every letter in dis write up. D truth will always remain d truth.

  8. Chimaamanda of all ppl?, chai,u er a disgrace to woman-hood, U er such a big disapointment. I will never read your book again, I feel like burnin ur ‘Purple Habiscus’ and returnin’Yellow Sun- I jst bought. Meeeennnnn, thanks to dis good guy, May God bless your brain and every one dat commended positively.

  9. See deep ignorance, ignorant people calling kettle black. This chukwudi fellow is deeply arrogant and also ignorant, he amuses me by talking a lot of thrash, he understands nothing about live entirely but but he’s got a horde of bible quoting ignoramuses on his side.

  10. Thanks chukwudi,may GOD judge chidinma according to her evil judgement,she’s a disgrace to us#ladies#may ur sons be gays and ur daughters lesbians!as u av said so shall it b done to u!

  11. yeah, u wrote well ma’am, y wont d western world allow polygamous mariage? they dnt want to be over populated dats y they allowd the gays in d first place, a man and a man cant give birth, so their population in check, when they allow polygamy, we might consider allowing gay mariage, which is untinkable actially, fuck the west, they are the anti-christ and the long lost sodom and gomorah, may God save.them, really, i feel for them, deep down from my heart, please

  12. Mr Chukwudi,the African blood in you is undiluted.God bless you a is shameful for such a high profile to promote the destruction of womanhood and procreation.That means we women will become irrelevant? May God have mercy.we are Africans and Christians,so sodomy is evil and should be permanently banished.


  14. Ezea, thank u so much 4 ur write up.I thought Amanda is somebody worthy of emulation but her view about gay has proved her wrong. God have mercy on her. you have said it all, he who has ear let him hear.

  15. While i commend the writer’s resort to responding to Chimamanda’s article, i find it rather unbecoming and inappropriate that some people would not rather criticize her constructively but resort to churning out abusive words to tarnish someone who aired her free opinion. Left for me, some of you guys wont use this platform. My apologies anyway.

  16. From the moment I read Purple Hibiscus, I knew there was something wrong. The heroine was unashamedly in love with a Reverend Father, and her mother killed her father, slowly, very slowly. She poisoned him gradually, slowing destroying his system for years. Death was his escape. So an author with such devilish inspiration is messed up. Big time. Just a question though. If they tell us that polygamy is wrong, or sinful, or against morality. Make it a crime, and call it bigamy, how then can they justify same sex marriage?

  17. Helo Chukwudi,iam more than happy when i read ur response to that Chimamanda of a person, when i read her lawsuit article i was like ‘does this woman have eternity at the back of her mind at all’why would she compare same s*x marriage with racism,killing of twins,albinism etc God is nt pleased with those acts & thats why missionaries where able to bring it to a hault.she must understand that same s*x marriage is one of the wepeon satan is using to fight God’s kingdom,come to think about it amanda,if ur great grand father had marry a man & ur great great grand mom marry a woman & ur grand parent did the same thing ur parents wouldnt have been born not even to imagining somebody like u.amanda u may win suing the federal govt but keep it in mind that those unborn babies are waiting for u & the govts in support of that whoredom,u cannot tell the degree of harm ur contribution will do to ur soul if at all u are a human being with soul.also get ready to answer their question when u get there if u fail to repent.”Goodluck Chukwudi.


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