Boko Haram: Nigeria Shuts Border With Cameroon

Boko Haram terroristsThe Nigeria military yesterday stated that it had closed hundreds of kilometres of Nigeria’s border in Adamawa State with Cameroon in a bid to stop Islamic extremists using the country as a haven and launch pad for violent attacks.

Brig. Gen. Rogers Nicholas of the 23rd Armored Brigade told reporters on Saturday that he was exercising emergency powers because it is “imperative” to seal the border between Cameroon and the Northeastern state against illegal crossings.

He said customs and immigration officials are working with soldiers and police “to ensure that nothing crosses into Nigeria”. Large stretches of that porous border are generally left unpatrolled and pose a security risk.

The border between Borno state and Cameroon, which Nigerian troops and a jet bomber crossed last month in pursuit of extremists, meanwhile, remains unaffected by the latest directive.

The move will affect hundreds of traders who routinely cross the border.