CBN GOVERNOR’S SUSPENSION: SEE What Abike Dabiri-Erewa Has To Say

House of Reps member and chairman of the House Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Abike Dabiri Erewa took to her twitter page to share her opinion on the CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi’s suspension by President Jonathan.


She reacted to the President’s decision of sacking Sanusi today who is presently away on official duty as irrational and against the law.

See her tweets below


Do you think the President has the right to sack the CBN Governor?


  1. You are talking RUBBISH! Is it because Sanusi is working for APC? Where where you when Sanusi had been creating confusion in the country with wrong figures against NNPC all in the name of working against President GEJ’s Government. I will advise you Abike to respect yourself and position by maintaining silence and allow the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria exercise his powers on any political office holder working against his administration,Second term, above all, “TRANSFORMATION” Agenda. Have you Abike Faulted Tinubu and Lai Muhammed in all the wrongful decision and comments they Have always made against our Beloved country Nigeria? Abeg o! make u just kip ur mouth kpom because i no se any tin wey you d do for dia. Total RUBBBIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH! APC is a failure.

  2. Emmanuel, You are just an uncivilised individual. Constitutionally your president is wrong and then you are here insulting Abike Dabiri. You are just like your corrupt leaders. Whenever someone wants to uncover their dirty secret they remove the person from office. Sanusi has transformed our banking sector and wicked people like you will burn in hell.

    • No doubt that both you and Abike are frustrated due to the fact that APC could not achieve their aims in disguise through Sanusi. I can equally imaging how callous you are not understanding the essence of this platform made to airing personal views especially on people in Government. And not on your fellow contributor. Your father came back to tell you what Hell looks like and you thing every responsible and God fearing person will go to hell like you already sign a deal with the devil. Am not in Government, neither am i working for any Government parastatasl. Am self employed,married with kids and doing very well in my business. I have never depend on any government to provide me wth food or job like you. Keep waiting for APC to take over the presidency and you will wait for ever.
      I remain loyal to any Government that is sincere with genuine intentions to moving My beloved Nigeria to a greater Height. So far,so go, GEJ is doing his best to transform Nigeria but Evil minded pple like you who depends on Government to survive,will do everything devilish to frustrate the efforts of a good Government to achieving their Agenda. You have no genuine reason to be on this platform. Open my a/c and see how responsible i am and prove to me what you have equally achieved than going around begging and waiting for APC to feed you. You idiot and a political prostitute. GEJ is still the best candidate come 2015 compare to what a confused APC is practicing. APC became majority in house of Rep for just 1week and they missed used the power, attempting to interrupt the free flow of our economy and security threat on innocent Nigerians. And you call your so call party Cabals responsible. Abeg make una go sit down.

  3. What has APC got to do with this? Are Nigerians slaves to PDP? What has the useless parties got to do with this. There has been diversion of oil funds by NNPC but corrupt people like you won’t see anything wrong with as long as you are gaining from it. God will judge you guys. On the last God will judge all of you. Wicked and perverse people who support wickedness. You better change before it is too late. The Government is always against those they see as a threat to their ambition. It is absolutely illegal and unconstitutional for the President to suspend a CBN governor.

  4. Aunty it is high time you keep mute on an issue like this,your long staying in the house,what’s the impact on your people.I think you need to think twice before you make any pronounment,where is you and your association problem collaboration when sanusi is tanishing the image of government in which his part of,his he really at the helm of affair of the CBN or his just acting on your script,madam leave politics out this and allow the president to do what he think its you think he can take such step without looking at relevant part of the law.thesame law that allow your APC to accept decampees without formally drop there port folio also allow mr president to take such action.don’t forget he’s the one that called him and its he that asked him out

  5. See, pls let’s jst leave mr president 2 do what he feels is right, all wil need is transpirency nd accountability of our banking sector, nd also some 1 who can giv us rit acct of hw our funds in oil sector is bein divert 2 unkwn acct. I tink datz a bold step by mr president.

  6. Its a pity dat evritin in Nigeria has been politicise..diff individuals are commenting either in favour of one political party or d oda nt for d sake of our dear country.why is APC bent on tanishing GEL if say na dem holy pass.God help Nigeria

  7. Emanuel u ar lack of common sense and a big idiot.what ar we talkin about here? We are talkin abt missin money i.e 3.6 trillions bnaira but u ar talkin of APC party.O ma se o.Illiterate is a diseases.Munmu.

  8. Abike u shd be de last person on earth to comment on dis issue. since getting 2 de house what ve been ur contributions? to make or recieve phones calls when important discussions re going on abi ?

  9. I personally want to beg the government to stop playing politics with the future of this country, what has Sanusi done? Is it because he’s trying to expose them? In fact this suspension is ridiculous mr president need a second thought if the future of our father land is his priority. Mr president should not consider only his plight, I believe that truth is an offence but not a sin, we are educated, we are wise we al know the game they play in this country of ours but people will continue to speak until the they do the right thing or else this country will never progress.

  10. Felllow Nigerians, Could APC party be the Nigerian version of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Party? Check out this with me: 1. Party Leader – North: Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Muslim). 2. Party Leader – South: Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Muslim). 3. National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande (Muslim). 4. Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari (Muslim). 5. National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah (Muslim). 6. Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai (Muslim). 7. National Publicity Secretary: Lai Muhammad (Muslim). 8. National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq (Muslim) 9. National Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shaibu Musa (Muslim). 10. National Youth Leader: Abubakar Lado (Muslim). 11. National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banie (Muslim). 12. National Deputy Auditor: Bala Jibrin (Muslim). 13. National Women Leader: Sharia Ikeazor (Muslim convert). 14. EX-officio Member: Muniru Muse (Muslim). 15. EX-officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi (Muslim). Despite this structure, these people want us to believe they are PROGRESSIVE and that APC is a national party. I think APC has a hidden religious agenda. Be wise my fellow brothers, sisters and countryMen. “Arise O compatriots, Religious Party Disobey…” We must be wise and resist the ENEMY in party clothing!!! So help us God!

  11. @emmanual transformation agenda indeed,m sure u r frm south or frm south east,cos most of u dia r dumbass,bcos GEJ z frm. Dia u al blieve z gewd,GEJ z a failure to dis country,wot has e done in dis country only to b sackn ppl,e has ruin nigeria’s foreign reserve wivout any change in d country only to b traveln up nd down for no reason,e cnt win 2nd only if nigerian’s wise up

  12. Abike should go and talk for her constituency. Because sanusi is a failure…he was appointed as a technocrat how come he just became a politician instead of focusing on his profession! Only Gods grace will bring him back to that office. Pastor stan thanks for that good observation! We have to be wise and stand against dangerous cabals in party clothings.

  13. Short ur sentimental mouth n talk wit proofs @ Bolaji. Wen u say wat has d president done, practically some are visible like rd, rail, improvement in power etc. U can also open ur mouth wide n talk cos d presido have regards for d rule of law. He is not God so he deserves a commendation as an encouragement to serve us better.he take d blame of every facet dat doesn’t perform thus sacking non performer shouldn’t be a sin.

  14. Madam abike dabiri. Pls leave their politics alone,nd concentrate on how ORiokuta LCDA in ikorodu can get developed most especially the unmotorable roads…

  15. Abike pls put politics aside if u dnt know what to say pls keep mute and dnt politicise everythin. Sanusi is very corrupt, arrogant, tribalistic, womaniser for jobs and if u r close to CBN staff they will detail u more abt his misappropriation and breach of due process. His suspension was long over due.

  16. Whoever is supporting the act of the president by suspending the CBN governor is one of those that is helping corruption grow,why must it be now that Sanusi blew alarm uncovering a missing petroleum fund?why seizing and detaining him is he coupable of any allegation?what has been done to Petroleum minister/NNPC director who has no respect for the law proved by avoiding the invitation of the house?


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