Entertainment Mogul Blasts Omotola: “Fix Your Home First Before you Fix Peoples’ Home”


Famous entertainment writer, Osagie Alonge, who works for the Nigerian Entertainment Today, has slammed Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde over a comment she made on social media recently.

Last week, Omotola went on a rant on social media in response to entertainment bloggers who described her 14 year old daughter, Meraiah Ekeinde as ‘hot and sexy’.

The  2013 Time Magazine icon barked at online media, chastising them for visiting her 14-year-old daughter’s Instagram page, culling her photos and spreading them all over the internet.

In his response to Omotola’s rant, here is an excerpt from Alonge’s letter:

“Dear Omotola, I’d like to say that the media has done nothing, absolutely nothing wrong and do not owe you an apology for publicising your daughter’s photos.

You should be the last person pointing fingers, as it clearly shows you’ve scored a ‘D minus’ in raising this cute kid.

Meraiah Ekeinde is four years away from adolescence but by merely studying her Instagram page, you’d be amazed at the kind of photos a 14-year-old girl puts up – we are talking sexualised selfies, showing off her ‘curves’, pouts, using hashtags like #StaySexy and posting memes containing vulgar language like the word ‘F***’.

“I’m sure Meraiah means no harm and she is in the early stage of youthful exuberance, but, dear Omotola, do you approve of an under-aged [girl] turning up her sexiness in the eye of the public?

Why hasn’t she been cautioned to take down these sexually suggestive photos?

Why is it that you have failed to understand that Meraiah, a minor, has no business trying to act like your fellow desperate Nollywood actresses on social media?

“Instead, you choose to be horrified by the media’s label of ‘hot and sexy’, accusing them of intruding on your ‘poor, little girl’s privacy’.

Madam, you’ve got it all wrong. Are those photos ‘hot and sexy’? Oh my, yes they d*** are! It’s a shame that up till now, these photos haven’t been deleted.

It’s a shame that you’ve asked the media to ‘behave like adults and draw the line’ when you’ve not acted in the same faith.

“In February 2012, US rapper, Nas’ 18-year-old daughter, Destiny Jones posted a box of condoms on her Instagram page. The media community attacked Nas and his baby mama, Carmen Bryan, for the post which was subsequently taken off.

Nas didn’t come out defending his daughter or attacking the media, he rather blamed himself.

“Dear Omotola, you always talk about ‘changing the world’. It’s time to start from your house; clean it up.”

While some commentators have hailed Alonge for his response, others have criticised him, claiming that Omotola’s reaction is very much like that of any ‘sensible parent or guardian’.

The bottom line is that the right thing should be done both on the part of the media and parents on what to put up on social media platforms.


  1. Dear Beautiful Omotola, if you truly you want your daughter, or better yet, your kids to stay off the media’s or the ppl’s grasp, is Instagram your kitchen or living room?
    My dear, I wouldn’t dear to doubt how much educated you are, but I’ll advice you think, before you act, or react to issues such as this. Thank you.

  2. D bible says trainup a child in a way he shud grow so dat whn he/she grows he/she wil nt dpart 4rm…[email protected] my dad wud say phone ar’t meant 4 kids. wat am i sayin? @14yrs she talkin abt sexy, postin sexy pics. wat if she’s 18yrs an above…dis is no fault of bloggers bt dat of d parent…let we parent teach our children d rite path.

  3. Its so sad the public has a right to say whatever they deem fit omotola the social media is special so monitor what your kids do there ….

  4. Omotola blame no body but your daughter , you should know that you and your family are already in eyes of the public you are public figure so caution your daughter to to be responsible in the social media.

  5. Charity they say begins at home
    At that tender age of fourteen, there is need for you to caution your daughter about the implication of social media. Caution keeps one safe.

  6. I agree with wat this writer wrote. Omotola should have herself to blame. Am sure she is never home to see wat her kids are up to, instead she is running round d world making money. Pls try to be a mother who is home wit d kids n not one who thinks money is everything, bcos its not. Omotola, its ur fault.

  7. Take care of this children your time of publicity of nothing just to make money and fame has past God would ask yuo and husband about this children.


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