Ex-Taraba Commissioners Raise Alarm Over Plot By Ag. Governor To Arrest Suntai

Governor Suntai, left; Deputy Gov Garba Umar, right
Governor Suntai, left; Deputy Gov Garba Umar, right

A group of ex-Commissioners from Taraba State have raised the alarm over the purported plot by the Acting Governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, to arrest ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai.

Mr Rebo Usman, who raised the alarm on behalf of former Commissioners under Suntai in Abuja, was speaking on the political crisis which has enveloped the state since their former boss was involved in an air crash in 2012.

“Umar plans to put Suntai under house arrest in order to enable him achieve his goal of becoming the governor of the state through illegal means”, Usman said.

The group further alleged that as part of the sinister plot, the acting governor removed five commissioners from office, who refused to cooperate with him in his bid to unseat Gov. Suntai through the procurement of a medical report which would have declared the ailing state chief executive as incapacitated.

Umar was also accused of setting the stage for the change in the leadership of the state House of Assembly for the purpose of “paving the way for a new leadership that would have helped him actualize his goal based on the medical report”.
The former commissioners observed that the acting governor waged a propaganda war against Gov. Suntai using his state of health as an attack tool.
The group, therefore, urged President Goodluck Jonathan to act fast and prevent the situation in the state from degenerating into anarchy.


  1. This ex-commissioner sounds very much like one of those that compelled Suntai to return to the state to resume his duties, knowing fully well that the man hadn’t recovered from his illness. Is all this propaganda about protecting his office as a commissioner? Twitter: @joshuaotene

  2. Those of us who knew suntai’s character and how he handle matters Definitely know that all is not well with him

  3. Since is now getting a long time with seeing suntai in his office what is d solution of that case why because in politics is a game either you win or you loose .the question is that is suntai alive til now ?

  4. my people always say “mouth contribution doesn’t help matters”. Everybody shut up! Leave taraba for GOD. Raphael kumbo

  5. What a shame…in d whole of this world it’s only in Taraba that a deputy has overpowered his Governor! nawaoh pls former comms stop this nonsense and disappear.are u not even ashamed of urselves shouting at d top of ur voices that ur boss has bn overpowered?is ur boss such a weakling that his seat has bn snatched away from him and he is busy watching?useless people pls STFU.


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