Fashion Designer Deola Sagoe drops ex-husband’s name, re-brand’s simply as Deola

deola-sagoe-falll-2010Haute couture fashion designer, Deola Sagoe, has dropped her ex-husband’s name, at least from her business, and will be re-branding simply as Deola for the brand’s 25th year in the fashion industry. In a recent interview with Okay Africa, the mother of 3 who divorced her Ghanaian husband Kofi Sagoe many years back said she’s working on rebranding her fashion line and one of her measures is to change her brand name, Deola Sagoe to Deola, so as to make it more personal.

“Its been 25years that I have been designing and I’m actually going to be re-branding as Deola to make the label somewhat more personal. Deola is about bringing more of the essence of me into my clothing. Deola is very high-end, very bespoke. Deola is more available to a larger number of people who love the brand, who wants to wear it and it is more accessible.”


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