FGC YOBE ATTACK: Why Girls Were Spared And Only Boys Were Killed

yobe_state_massacre_3Mass killing of school children at the Federal Government College in the Buni Yadi area of Yobe was shrouded in mystery after reports revealed that only male students were killed. It has been learnt, however that the extremists intentionally spared the female students.

According to the officials, female students at the co-ed school were spared – and that the attackers instead told them to go home and get married and to abandon their Western education (Boko Haram – meaning “against Western education”).

It would be recalled that the attackers set a locked dormitory on fire in the early hours of Tuesday. The terrified students escaped through the windows, they were shot and their throats were slit. Some were burned to ashes.The massacre was followed by violent reactions by Nigerians and top politicians, urging the authorities to put an end to bloodshed in the country.


  • What are we saying here, u slaughter a hapless children like cow or animal,the northern leaders and ur politicians of bitterness, go on and continue this onslaught by sniffing life out of pple. When power now comes to you as u claim that if a particular area continue to rule the conutry will shed blood and it is so by ur boost. U can have today but God that create u and those u help to shed blood will have final say about it. When u come to rule come ur calculate year . God is not a liar, dnt be decceive what we plant so we shall reap. That’s my message to u leaders frm the North of Nigeria

  • it baffles me on what people want Mr. President to do?
    1. He declared state of emergency, some people said he is waging war against the north.
    2. He send more troops and they said dialogue is the best approach
    3. He granted amnesty, and the so called Boko Haram refuse amnesty
    4. If the military should start shooting at site, they will say army is simply killing civilians
    5. If he start to arrest any suspect on the street, human right activists will cry foul play
    6. If he start acting out of his own volition, they will cry he doesn’t follow the constitution
    7. If he focus his attention only on Boko Haram, APC members will say “nothing is working”
    8. If he appoint trusted hand to a particular post they will accuse him of tribalism
    9. If he suspend someone for one reason or the other they will say ‘he is witch hunting the person’
    10. If he tries to investigate before prosecuting they will say “he is too slow”
    11. If he wants to sack “they will say he does not have the power to sack”
    12. if he make a speech and shows remorse they will say “he is too weak”
    14. If he make a speech and shows no remorse they will say ” he is not sympathetic”
    15. If he cries they will say “as a president he should control his emotion’
    16. If he laughs they will say “he is not serious with the affair of the nation”
    17. if he travel they will say “he should stay at home and tackle the problem of the nation”
    18. If he stays at home they will say ” he is not working to invite foreign investors”
    19. If people insult him and he ignored them they will say “if it were Obasanjo nobody can insult the president and go free”
    20. If he respond to critics they will say ‘he is arrogant and has no leadership quality’
    21. If he sends a bill to National Assembly APC parliamentarians will not want the bill to see the light of the day
    22. If he did not send to the National Assembly they will say “he is not following due process”

    so i ask again, what exactly do people want Mr President to do?
    He should carry gun and stage a road block?
    He should stop attending to other responsibilities because some sadists are not happy he’s the president?
    He should chop off his four finger before people will appreciate his effort?
    Is it when he change his name to Gambo Ebele Junaidu that’s when you will stop your hate to the administration?
    Or you people want him to relocate the oil wells of niger delta to North before you know he’s trying?
    NO WAY!!
    Northerners better find their bearing instead of accusing Mr. president for everything.
    when a secondary school boy in the north has 3 wives and 12 children before he turns 30, what are you breeding?
    when a girl of 25 has married to 3 different men and had given birth to these respective men, what were you breeding?
    or when a shoe shiner has 4 wives and 18 children, what were you breeding?
    Goodluck please do your best and leave the rest to God.

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