Finally! Saheed Balogun’s Darkest Secret Revealed

Talented nollywood actor, Saheed Balogun has denied reports that he abandoned his first daughter, Zainat who he had before he became a celebrity and got married to Fathia.

Saheed was said to have deflowered, impregnated and abandoned the mother of his first child, Sherifat Yusufwhen she was pregnant and she had placed a curse on him.

Reacting to the report, Saheed shared the photo below with the caption, “My first born Zainat, my son Khalid and myself during #ILEYA Festival in #Lagos October 2013.”


Saheed with daughter Zainat and Khalid

He also took to his facebook page to post this:

“Some are born CONSTRUCTIVE and CREATIVE while others are born DESTRUCTIVE and OBSTRUCTIVE. Some people will go to absurd lengths to make money by passing WRONG and MISLEADING information to the public. These same people will pick up a pen and write that our present leaders are misinforming people and fraudulent. The irony is that if these same people are elected to a position of power, they will be EVEN WORSE than our present leaders! ARISE NIGERIA! ARISE MY PEOPLE! LONG LIVE NIGERIA!”


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