Flavour Speaks about MC Loph: “We were not friends at all. We just did a song together”


There were several reports after MC Loph died that claimed his late mum was disappointed with Flavour for never visiting or calling her after her son’s death.

It was also reported that MC Loph was the one who housed Flavour when he first came to Lagos; Flavour even sang a tribute in his honor.

In a recent interview with Punch, here is what flavour had to say:

“MC Loph and I weren’t as close as people thought. I met Loph through Mr. Raw when I came to Lagos. He wanted me to produce for him the same way I was producing for Mr. Raw. Somehow, we came together and we did the Osondi Owendi song. We later found out that we came from the same village.I played a very big part in the song. People would always want me to perform the song. But I couldn’t. What is the essence of collaborating when you cannot play the song? It didn’t make any sense. He said people told him I was performing his song. I felt, ‘oh, it is now your song?’ That was the last time we really spoke to each other. I decided to ‘free’ him.

Continue… We were not friends at all. We just did a song together. People just had a misconception about the whole thing. I never told anybody this before and I still insist it is not something we should talk about. I met his mother just once in my life. We went for a show at Nnewi (Anambra State) and we passed through our village. He got down to see his mother and I followed him. I greeted her and I gave her money that day. She was very happy. We left. I was surprised when people started saying I abandoned his mother when he died. It is not fair to talk about this since he is no more. But then, I feel it is time I became honest and open up because people have said a lot of things about me. It is not fair. He never greeted my father one day, let alone visiting him. But I couldn’t confront him because of that. I felt he didn’t have any business with my father. He could choose to greet him or not. We were not related, we just came from the same village.”

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  • Mr flavour ur tribute song 2 him says a diffrnt tin altogeda_ u even called him ‘ozigbo oyimu’ dia. D tin z dat its nt flavour job 2 take care of d mother anyway buh flavour u shld hv settled her a lil cos u made a lot of money 4rm dat tribute song.

  • So all dat song stuff was just to make money huh? How u feel sorry for d mother, wife and all dat was 2 just 2 make money and u neva showed it dem. Shame on u my dear.

  • Flavour u are a sick greedy idiot, am really ashamed of u, ur type is d reason y people tag d igbos bad, mc loph dat u called ur best friend in ur tribute is nw not ur friend becos he is late abi? My bros all of us will surely die someday oooo,always ve dt at d back of ur mind and act right

  • Flavor u don 4ck up.bcos mc loph is dead thats y u’r talkg like this?na wao.but he was more than a frnd in ur tribute song
    U just did d song 2 mk money.u wld av just kpt quiet rather than say stuff.

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