France Plans To Invade Nigeria – Don

French soldier

A Nigerian don has accused France of financing the dreaded Islamist sect Boko Haram in a bid to make its alleged plot to invade Nigeria through Cameroon as a proxy easier.

Prof Olaghere, President of United African Diaspora States, raised the alarmm while addressing news men at the Women Development Centre, Abuja on Thursday.

“France has already deployed about 60, 000 troops to Africa, preparatory to invade the whole of Africa,” Olaghere said.

The don further claimed that the Federal Government is not ignorant of the situation, especially the activities of France designed to provoke Nigeria into a military clash, but had all along tread with caution and refused to make it public to avoid full-blown confrontation between both countries.

“I want to use this platform to let Nigerians know that France is ready to come and invade Africa and Nigeria is the target. They are right now training Cameroon,” said Olaghere.

He added; “France is fighting you and it is going to drive you out of your house and it is your duty to defend Nigeria at all costs.

“France won’t be allowed to invade Africa. For me, I am fighting and it is left for us to start fighting. “rance must be asked to leave now; France must move out of Africa. ”From March 1, any army of France found anywhere in Africa, anything that happens to you, you are on your own.
”It is peace we are working for. We want to see peace prevail in Africa.


  1. When abdulmatalab wanted to bomb U.S on christmass time,some people said no nigeria is not a
    terrorist country, only to discover bokoharam.Now, france wants to help us, this man is trying to discourage them.I suspect the prof. to be a sympathyzer or member of b/h. Prof, Are u a muslim?

  2. France has always been an enemy to Nigeria. I can barely recollect where I got the info that they wanted to use Cameroun, through the Biafra war, as a puppet to “colonise” Nigeria I guess. Then come out to offer aid to us. I believe the sole aim of theirs to make some stupid treaty with Naija which would benefit them (FRANCE) 100% in the long run. Then Naija will owe them so much than we can pay back. They will then be boss over us. If not for Gowon (whom Nigerians are yet to realise saved us from slavery to the French Govt.) THE SOLUTION IS TO AVOID WAR IN EVERYWAY AND STOP BORROWING FROM ANYWHERE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER… What else?