Gay: We’ll Won’t Stop Pressing Until Nigeria Changes Law – US

United States has said that its condemnation of gay marriage law in Nigeria and other African countries does not amount to interference.

ygayThe action, according to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa is to ensure that people under whatever guise were not denied their human rights.

Thomas-Greenfield, who spoke on Tuesday during the live-web chat monitored in Abuja, said US will continue to impress it on the government and the legislators on the need to give everyone equal opportunity.

She noted that US is just against legislations that is targeted against gay people. The Assistant Secretary of State also insisted that American government supports human rights for all the people.

She said, ” As a policy we will continue to press the government of Nigeria and other governments and the legislature to change this law and provide human rights to all Nigerians regardless of their sexual orientation.’’


  1. US and human rights…
    They don’t understand that we are trying to avoid news headlines like: “Man Stabs Man To Death Over Male Lover” or “As Mr President And His Wife Mr… (Male) Entered The House”.
    Or u imagine a PASTOR in church with MALE PARTNER!
    God Forbids!!!

  2. Let me ask the US government a question, your animal pets are they also gay and lesbians? please let us be, We are not going to be part of this your satanic agenda you called human right. We are for God, you people are against God. You practice freemasonry and illuminati, you are for satan and you people want to plant your seed of satan. We are for God and the seed of God is in us.
    You cannot run your country and come and run our, God forbids…

  3. This woman should be arrested anytime she comes to Nigeria for interrogation. This is simply political interference on our country policy, can Nigeria government force US to legalise polygamy in their country ?


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