How to Care For Bath Towels


You’ve just found the perfect towels. They are just the right color, size, and softness. What should you do to make them last? Here are a few tips to help you properly care for your towels.

Wash Your Towels Before You Use Them.
Wash your towels with 1/2 cup of white vinegar the first time you wash them. The vinegar will help set the dyes in your towel and keep the colors more resilient. Continue to use the vinegar every third wash or so to help remove hard water and chemical buildup that your detergent may leave behind on your towels.

Dry Towels On Low Heat.
Dry your towels on a warm, not hot, setting. A hot dryer setting can melt or shrink parts of your towel. If these fibers melt at all, their absorbency is affected. Conversely, damp towels that aren’t dry before being stored can invite mildew growth, so be sure the towels are completely dry before you put them away.

Air Dry Your Towels If Possible.
The heat of a dryer is hard on towels. Drying them outside can leave them smelling fresh and save you some money on your next utilities bill.

Cut Loose Threads As You Spot Them
Just as a sweater unravels, a towel can unravel or look shabby as it catches on things and loose threads appear.

Avoid Contact With Household Products
Avoid contact with cosmetics, face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide, and household cleaners. These household items stain your towels or, in the case of the face wash and cleaners, bleach or lighten areas they come in contact with. You may want to consider using an older towel or washcloth to remove makeup.

Launder Only Towels Together
If you don’t want your towels to get pills, launder them only with other towels. When short fabric fibers rub together with long fibers of bath towels, they cause the towel fibers to bunch and create pills.



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