I Can’t Rejoice Over Death Sentence On My Son-In-Law – Slain Banker’s Father

Kolade-and-Titilayo-360x220Father of the slain banker, Mr. George Oyakhire, has said he would not rejoice over the death penalty handed to his son-in-law.

Oyakhire, a retired Nigerian Customs Service officer, told one of our correspondents that he loved Akolade like a son and he was sad that things turned out the way they did.

He said, “The Bible says that you should not rejoice at the downfall of your enemy. I feel bad about all this because this was a boy I assisted in every way I could.

“He even said when giving evidence in court that we were close and this is very true. I assisted him when he needed me and even though he was jobless, my daughter (Titilayo) also helped him.

“I am happy the judge berated Akolade’s parents for telling lies in court. They bad-mouthed my daughter and even claimed that she committed suicide. I am happy that my daughter has been vindicated.  I have also been vindicated because I told the whole truth in court. I leave everything to God”.

Akolade’s marriage to his late wife, whom he met during post-graduate studies at the Lagos State University, produced a five-year-old daughter, Olamide.

Oyakhire said Olamide was too young to be told the truth about her parents but added that she was doing fine.

“When she comes of age and begins to ask questions and is reasonable enough, we will tell her everything that happened”, he said.


  1. God bless this judge,it gives hope to the common man that we still have some trust worthy judges in the judiciary system. God bless her immensely,bless her children,entire family,the generation yet unborn,God will take her to the peak of her career in Jesus name .Amen. How easy it is for people to suddenly turn around and plead for forgiveness after they have committed a crime,siting devil and all what not. 76 stab wounds @ least! That’s premeditated murder!

  2. Hmmm,after 3yrs,d judgement is finally made!It’s a pity wen wives try to show deir loves to deir husband but dey didn’t regard it.Dis woman luvs her husband so much dat she was d bread winner of her family.upon dis,he stil beat her up like a slave.I hope dis wil serve as a lesson to men like Akolade who beat up deir wives.RIP Titilayo.