I Need Help, My Doctor Molested Me – Desperate Lady Cries Out

doctor-nursesAbout two days ago a lady visited her doctor for a check-up. However, she would never forget that day and that visit. Read the passage by the harassed female patient below, and suggest your options for her:

Two days ago I went to a hospital close to my house to check for breast lumps. It was my first time and I was very uncomfortable when the doctor started touching my breasts.

I decided to close my eyes and to concentrate on other things.

However, I soon got impatient, as this procedure was taking longer time than I expected. I opened my eyes only to discover the doctor had his penis hard! All the while he’s been fondling my breasts!

I felt so awful. He didn’t say a word, as I dressed up and run away from his office.

I still cannot calm down, as if I raped. Was it a sexual molestation, right? What should I do now, and what should I have done there, at doctor’s office?


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