I Will Continue Working For Nigeria’s Unity – Tambuwal

The Speaker, House of Representatives, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, today, said that he would continue to safeguard the unity of the country.

Tambuwal was speaking as the Special Quest of Honour at the closing ceremony of the National Qur’anic Recitation Competition in Dutse.

He said that the break-up of the country, being insinuated by some Nigerians, was not the best for the country, pointing out that “united, the better for us as a people.”

The speaker, who said that Southern Sudan which broke up from Sudan had been engulfed in crisis, warned Nigerians to learn a lesson from such crisis.

Earlier, in his remarks at the occasion, the Lagos State Governor, Mr Raji Fashola, urged Muslims to adhere to the teaching of the Holy Qur’an.

He explained that the Holy Qur’an contained various aspects of human life, including nurturing of children, taking care of wives and good governance, among others. [NAN]


  1. Of what use is a unity based on deceit and CORRUPTION, MR . SPEAKER.? Those preaching unity by all means are those benefiting from this deceit called GOVERNMENT.They are the ones not adversely affected by the deliberately imposed economic conditions.imposed on us . May Allahu deliver us from these wolves in sheep skin.
    .They make good things un-accessible to the poor while they swim in all the goodies of this country. God will soon deliver His JUDGEMENT.

  2. mr speaker rubish! as for ur information muslems are not a group to stay togather with why because they are full of atrosities they don,t have respect forGOD talkless of human right or human blood,and every body knows that both morally and sychologically we are not the same so therefore now that agreement of amalgamation has expaired our disintergration is iminent we must as the matter of urgency go our saprate ways if not there shall be no peace in this country,if not oil can sombody tell me what makes us united? the north had delth with us messlessly and now is the time of revange.