In Case ‘I Love You’ Gets Boring, Here’s How To Say It In 10 Different Languages

o-FRENCH-I-LOVE-YOU-900On a day like today, “I love yous” abound. But why stick with the original when you can tell your loved ones that you love them in 10 different ways?

Read on to learn how to say “I love you” in different languages — including Spanish, German, Turkish and Russian. You wordly charmer, you.

Note: Links to pronunciation videos are attached to the phonetic spelling.

1. Portuguese – eu te amo
(eiu chee ah-moh)

2. French – je -t’aime
(zh tem)

3. Mandarin – (wuo ai ni)

4. Spanish – te quiero
(tay key-air-o)

5. German – ich liebe dich
(ech lee-beh dech)

6. Italian – ti amo
(tee ah-moh)

7. Turkish – seni seviyorum
(see-nee see-vee-your-dum)

8. Hindi – (mai tumse pyaar karta/karti hoon)

9. Swahili – ninakupenda
(nee-na coo-pen-duh)

10. Russian – (yeah teh-byah loo-bloo)


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