Insightful: How To Break Up With Someone Before Valentine’s Day


Valentines day will soon be around the corner and many Nigerian couples are busy thinking up  new way to show their loved one how they really feel.

But this article is not for them, this article is for those naughty ones who want to avoid the stress and commitment that comes with being in love.

1. Do an internal evaluation. Really spend some time to meditate and see if your feelings to resolve the relationship are due to something temporary, such as: a petty disagreement, a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, hearsay, jealous feelings, etc, or if it is a deal-breaker.  Also, find out if you are at your best in this relationship, or if this relationship is your downfall. You should feel good being around your “boo.'” You should feel comfortable and safe. So, take some time to see if this is what you really want to do. If it is.

2. Keep it on the “DL.” If you have to consult your bff or your mom, do so, but make sure they keep your plans private. It’s bad enough that Valentine’s Day is coming up, then to make matters worse, the gossip has circulated and he/she finds out before you have the time to talk. If everybody has been in your business in the past, do your best to keep this business to yourself until you have sealed the deal. Be mature and have the decency to

3. Talk face to face. There is nothing worse than finding a “Dear John” letter in an email or on a text. Just because you are breaking up doesn’t mean you can’t be classy or decent. Find a location in Nashville that is neutral and isn’t crowded–a place that will provide you with some intimate heart-to-heart conversation with this sensitive matter.

4. Let it go. When you break-up, let it go. Do not insist on being “friends” with the person you are breaking up with. If you see your ex on a date, you cannot get mad and confront him/her. You ex has a right to start a new life since you broke it off, and you have to realize that friendship might complicate things even more. It is also best to end amicably, if you can. If you can’t then you should never result to defamation or insulting your exes’ character. And last but not least…

5. Understand what you need. Before you get into another relationship, understand what you need and know where you are trying to go with your life. It doesn’t make sense to get into a rebound relationship only to find out that you are not ready for another commitment.



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