‘I’ve Not Started Praying For Who Will Take Over From Me’

rotimi-amaechi-ipy2013-1Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has said that he is not in a position to determine who will take over from him when his tenure eventually comes to an end next year.

Amaechi spoke on Saturday during the thanksgiving service organised by the lawmaker representing Rivers South East in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Abe, at Saint Barth’s Anglican Church in Gokana Local Government Area.

Abe organized the event to express appreciation to God for surviving the attack on him by the police during a Save Rivers Movement rally in Port Harcourt last month.

Although Amaechi said he has not yet asked for divine guidance over who would be his successor, he, however, made it abundantly clear that the next governor would be a person of reliable character, who would continue to transform the state from where he stops.

He said, “You must prepare for the next election so that you will teach them a lesson and the only way to teach them a lesson is first, to pray to God. After praying, go and register if you don’t have a voter’s card.

“If you have a voter’s card, wait for the election and vote against PDP. I have not started praying for who will take over from me. When I start, you will know.

“The prayer for now is God, we want you to deliver APC; God, we want you to lead us to build a party called APC. The moment we are convinced that we are finished with that, I will put my knees again on the ground, and I will tell my wife and I will tell my pastors”.

The Rivers governor also described members of the National Assembly that came for Abe’s thanksgiving service as loyal friends of the senator, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream).

“I met Magnus Abe in the House of Assembly and I found him to be a man of good character and I said to myself, if we must move forward we must look for men of good character”, Amaechi stated.


  1. Mumu man, it’s the people to decide who is Governor not you. You are only serving the people not a master, you have no right to impose or individually choose a successor, saying so or even the mere thought shows that the people dont matter when one man can have such a thought that his choice supercedes that of 8 million rivers people. #GoBackToPoliticalSchool

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  3. This gov really believes in his mind that he can control everybody,tell everybody what to do and even tell God what God should do and who God shld make next Gov. Wahala dey o.



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