Junaid Mohammed Blasts Aliyu For Predicting PDP Victory In 2015, Says Party Can’t Win Presidential Poll


The convener, Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has berated the Niger State Governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu for boasting that the Peoples Democratic Party would win the 2015 governorship and presidential elections.

Aliyu, who is Chairman of the Northern States Governors Forum, had while Speaking at the presentation of takeoff grants to beneficiaries of Subsidy Reinvesting Empowerment Programme, SURE-P, said: “PDP shall form the next Federal Government. PDP will win the governorship election in Niger State in 2015, and we will do it by God’s guidance and by our clean minds”.

But Mohammed said Aliyu had no political standing to make such prediction, more so, since he would be completing his maximum tenure of eight years as governor by 2015.

He said, “Making the prediction now that the PDP will win election in 2015, in my view, is wrong”.

The medical doctor-turned-politician said the only position Aliyu held that has northern spread is his leadership of the NSGF, which he said was not an elective office.

The Second Republic joint House Leader insisted that the Forum was not recognized by the Nigerian constitution but one based on understanding by its members. He added that they only elected Aliyu as “somebody who will speak on behalf of the governors not on behalf of the North”.

Mohammmed stressed that “Babangida Aliyu was not speaking for anybody in the entire North. He has no authority or permit to speak the way he did. It should be clear that Aliyu was not even speaking for the people of Niger State”.

He noted that PDP won only one of the three senatorial districts in the state in the 2011 general elections while the defunct Congress for Progressive Change clinched the remaining two senatorial seats. He further noted that the governor could not guarantee that his party would win the next elections, with the way it failed in the last exercise.

“Whether PDP retains Niger or another party takes over, whether somebody from the North or South, becomes the President on the platform of the PDP or any other party, he – Babangida Aliyu – will cease to be of any relevance post-May 29, 2015”, Mohammed stated.


  1. now that the truth has be told that the entire northerner hated the southerner in nigeria to the extend that ang person that suport jonathan from north will instantly become an enemy of his people and must be hiding to avoid his throat been cut by northern political boko haram and if angbody dout that boko haram is not political then give a muslem the presidency and see if bokoharam shall not vanish into tin-air but somethink our problem is party not know that our problem are from the leadders both PDP/APC are the same heartless blood suckers loothers and offcurse GODLESS people who can not give adequate security to the people or talk of good road go to my place in isi-uzo LGA of enugu and see if ur car go from nkalagu juction to ikem in 5hrs a road that is not up to 50km but since 1999 nobody talked about it a fedrall road for that matter,but let me openly say that it is better for us to divid the country now with peace or later do so in pieces we are runing out simpathy det north has been killing us northin


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