Ladies, 5 Compliments You Should Start Giving Your Man… TODAY

complimentsLadies this one is for you. Kindly read on…

1. Boy, you can work it!
Tell your man how awesome he is in the bedroom – this one definitely ranks at the top of his list! A guy dies to hear how good he is at the skills he works so hard to perfect.
2. What would I do without you?
Guys love to feel needed. Whether it is to help you understand bank work or simply open a jam jar — it is one of the greatest feelings for a man that you can’t live without them. Cuddle him and tell him it would have been impossible for you to do anything without him.
3. Crave to spend more time with you
Sometimes you need to connect with his inner being as well. No matter how much you compliment on his looks or his skills – your efforts will go waste if you don’t let him know how much you love him and want to be with him. Tell him that it is his innate characteristics that draw you closer to him.
4. You are excellent at your job!
Praising your guy’s brain power is a must! Every guy wants to know that he is awesome at his task. Go that extra mile and tell him how much you admire him for the way he shows his dedication and loyalty towards his work. This one will touch him….really!
5. You’re so freaking hot!
This is one compliment that will instantly lift his spirits. Complimenting a guy on his good looks is okay, but it is a different thing altogether to tell him what makes him so desirable – serve up his accolade, gently touch his body parts to add an extra sizzle to it.
Try this tips today and watch your relationship with your man blossom. Guys do you agree

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