Love Calender – Make Every Day of this Valentine’s Week Special

article-20141310270337623000The year long wait for all the love bugs is over- Valentine’s week is here. Every day of this week, starting today, is an opportunity to celebrate love and togetherness. This is a chance for you to make every moment with each other count and make this week the most cherishable one in the whole year! If you are eager to know how to make your Valentine’s week special, let us explore one day at a time to make sure you have a fab time with your sweetheart.

1. February 7, Rose Day
The symbol of love and passion, a red rose, is the perfect start for the Valentine’s week. Take a huge bouquet of roses to make your darling feel over the moon. If you are tight on the budget for gifts, giving just one red rose would sweep your beloved off their feet. Even if you wish to drop a hint for someone you have just met, or if you wish to surprise your partner with a special gesture, this is the best day to do that. You can go a step further and add some personal gifts or a card to it as well.

2. February 8, Propose Day
Yes, this is the perfect day to propose to your sweetheart. Even if you are already married, you can still make the day special by doing all that you could not do when you actually proposed. Or simply confess your love for your partner in a unique way. Married couples can even renew their vows. If you cannot think of anything else, go for the tried and tested romantic candle-light dinner date. In the hectic schedules today, even that can be super romantic! You can make it more special by arranging with the restaurant manager to play your partner’s favourite song, get champagne or cake.

3. February 9, Chocolate Day
“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” said Charles M. Schulz and boy was he right! Chocolates add more to the love that is in the air during Valentine’s week. Rather than gifting chocolates, try to bake a chocolate cake for your sweetheart. Love and chocolate is a sinful combination, so lure your partner and relish on each other and not just chocolates

4. February 10, Teddy Day
It might sound clichéd, but a teddy bear is a perfect gift to cuddle onto when you miss your beloved. It stands for affection, pampering and love. Especially for girls, teddies are the cutest gift if you wish to show her that you love her. But teddies can be a nice gift for guys as well. After all, aren’t they little kids from the inside? This gift can sit in your room and always remind you of the special love you have in your life.

5. February 11, Promise Day
‘What are words if you really don’t mean them when you say them?’, goes Chris Medina’s song. Doesn’t it sum up the need to keep all your promises to each other? If you think that the person is the one for you, make sure you make the promise at the right time and keep it too. Make it unique by promising something really special to them under the moonlight or at the time when you are both immersed in the moment during your candle-light dinner.

6. February 12, Hug Day
Nothing can convey your emotions as effectively as a hug. Whether you plan to hug your partner each time you see them, or if it is a spontaneous casual hug, you can always make them feel warm and loved with a hug. Remember that a hug will converse and guide you either towards or away from the person. So put all your love and warmth in the hug. Make it come from the heart. On this special day, plan an evening picnic with your partner, or even ask a few friends to join you. Make it casual, fun and refreshing by playing games, eating out, etc. Look for opportunities to hug your darling as and when you can, and see their eyes smile.

7. February 13, Kiss Day
A romantic day need not always be fancy and expensive. It is ‘kiss day’, so why don’t you steal random kisses on a cosy evening together at home? Dig your heart in an inexpensive, home-cooked meal, have dinner, clink wine glasses and play fun board games. As you approach the end of the beautiful time, you can make a leap and kiss. Often, even a tender kiss on the forehead can work its magic as well as a passionate kiss.

and then… feb 14th…. the much awaited day to go out and have more fun.

Started making plans already? Take one romantic step a day towards the big Valentine’s Day.

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