Maheedah’s N*ked Pictures Bought Her a New Car

masOk she tried and it works for her, Maheedah recently acquired a new ride “Acura”, The controversial rapper/Porno star shared the pictures to her haters, says her nak*dness has paid her very well…





Well congrats though…



  1. I can see that d reason y u яε̲̣̣̣̥ acting dis way is cos u don’t have good upbringing, admin pls avoid dis kind people so that da won’t b bad influence to the younger generation

  2. What utility has dis message admin 2 d waning morality and values of d society,so we should do one or 2 weird thing 2buy acura,cheap populariTy .

  3. What does it profit a man if he/she gains d whole world and it luxuries but have no access to GOD’s Kingdom Where NO poverty, NO Sad MoMents, NO WANTS… EVerything in abundance? Dnt ve to be Nud To make it in life or to shame ur haters!!! Bt if so, Then ur haters a surely getting u! As dia r succeeding!!! AnD u the ADMIN, U r not helping matters n r cuting ur share in her DOOM cus such post Influence US negatively!!!

  4. Hate is free…fuck what u say!maheedah u rock…u d ur tin..they dont understand u cos dey R standing under u..

  5. Think about the good people are commenting about you is time to repent your to your load for gives ness God is read to accept you pleace repent now if not if die in this condition the fire of hell is not a joke convert to Islam all your past sins will be erased,

  6. Like wot she said!!! We blacks(Nigerians) av low mentality_____ we all av sex n drive joy frm it___ y hiding___ let’s b matured plzzz____r’we up2 people in western world?_____ allow ha do ha tin!! Fuck off if u don’t lyk ha

  7. After all the nakedness, all that came out is just an Acura car? Ah! this her own nakedness is very cheap o. People are not naked, yet they buy aircraft.

  8. I wonder why so much noise about her nakedness. Every mortal was born naked.

    Man is an animal. Animal goes naked. Therefore the little fine and beautiful girl can go naked


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