Man Called 911 Because His Wife’s Zip Got Stuck

Dane County 911 Call Center Infrastructure
Dane County 911 Call Center Infrastructure 911

An Oregon man made an angry 911 call, demanding an immediate emergency response – because his wife’s zipper got stuck. In a recording released under Washington County’s ‘You Called 911 for That?’ campaign, the caller is heard making the unbelievable request, despite there being no real emergency. “Yeah, we got a problem here,” he’s heard saying. “My wife is struggling in her jacket and I can’t get it off. I want 911 here immediately.” When the operator asks if the caller’s wife is struggling to breathe, he replies “She’s alright, she just can’t get her god-damned jacket off and I’m pissed about it.” Asked if he could cut her jacket off, the caller said “No, I don’t want to cut it off, it’s a nice jacket.” Even after the operator agreed to dispatch an emergency response vehicle, the caller wasn’t satisfied, demanding to know how long it would take to arrive. According to local KGW news, the fire department responded to the call. They rescued both the woman and the jacket. Listen to the call HERE

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