Man Cancels Wedding as Bride Fails Pregnancy Test In Redeemed Church

Redeemed church couple 1When churches compel ladies who have been s*xually active for years to just  abstain from the act over night it should be made clear that most of these  ladies may just be pretending to be abstaining because of the man they want to  get married to in church but they are busy getting “enough servicing” from other  men.

This was the big mess that played out at a Redeemed Church branch  last Saturday, 22nd February, 2014.

The Senate President’s wife, Helen  Mark, was to play hostess at the wedding. The bride, Cynthia worked for her and  was said to be an orphan thus had become her adopted daughter. Guests got to the  venue of the big wedding at about 9am but 2hrs later, neither the bride nor the  groom came out.

As guests started getting impatient, the groom came out,  took the microphone and announced to the surprise of all guests present that he  is no longer interested in the marriage…

It later  turned out that the the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, that was  supposed to wed them had conducted a pregnancy test for the lady 24hours before  the day and the result turned out POSITIVE.

The BIG problem however is  that the mam had never slept with the lady. So, who got her pregnant? The lady  on her own part insisted she was not pregnant and went to do her own pregnancy  test in a different hospital and the result came out as NEGATIVE. Crazy drama in  church.

Redeemed church called their doctor to do a second test and the  test traced the thing and it was POSITIVE!
The church did several tests  and all came out POSITIVE, but the lady is still insisting that she is not  pregnant.
Could it be that she had terminated her “pregnancy” and did not  know that the church’s test could trace it?
The man insisted that he  can’t marry a woman who is pregnant for another man, and a liar. David Mark’s  wife and her people begged the man to forgive and marry her but he stood his  ground. Never!


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