Nigerian Student Murdered on Campus in Ghana

godwin_-_student-0-300x270According to our sources, a 300 level student of the University of Cape Coast,  identified as Mr. Godwin Awogbo, was found dead on Thursday within the  campus premises.

His lifeless body was found with his intestines gushing out from his lower abdomen, close to the Brown Palace hostel.
Our sources gathered that the gruesome incident happened on Wednesday night.

The deceased Godwin Awogbo, according to his roommate, he tried calling him on his mobile phone  when
he didn’t return to the room on time but couldn’t reach him. He got to know about the death when he received messages from friends in the  morning informing him about the lifeless body they had found.
His roommate said he was a Nigerian who was studying Social Science at the University.
Circumstances leading to the death of Godwin could not be established and the police have been invited to take over the case.



  1. imagine!!!, social Science!! killed in Ghana!
    If Nigeria embassy in Ghana is aware of his stay in Ghana, he will certainly get justice.
    The school environment didn’t show that the university can be compare to universities in Nigeria.
    Some parents believed that, only university certificate is the sure way for employment and that Ghana higher institutions is simply the best. that is not true.
    May his soul rest in perfect peace

  2. Please let’s raise awareness about the attack on Nigerians all over the world first Cyprus then India and now Ghana of all places, yet no one seems to talk about it or find the GUTs to take it up with the atthourities of these foreign countries. Please Save another Life.

  3. Pls my we don’t need to blame any one yet the issu is what is the cost many nigerian are there and live pecafully ghana is not a place were we will be afred of going there nothing gos for nothing 1st of all what did he do even in our own nija here student are murdered as well so we hav to look from the coast what typ of activits he is into u no our nija life is not evry where u will do it n getaway with it RIP