No Constitutional Provision For Suspension Of CBN Gov, Says Justice Akanbi

akanbiRetired President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Mustapha Akanbi, yesterday added his voice to the debate surrounding the suspension of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, saying President Goodluck Jonathan’s action was pre-emptive and ill-advised.

The respected jurist in his reaction to Thursday’s suspension of Sanusi said that, “All I know is that the point has been made that CBN’s governor cannot be removed from office without taking the matter to the Senate for two- third of the Senators’ vote. And there is no provision in the Constitution which I know of that allows the president to suspend him.

“If the president wants him out of office he should follow due process and we cannot resist the temptation that apparently because Sanusi was complaining about what has happened at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), he is now made to face this situation.

“I think it is not in the interest of the president or the country to go through the whole process we went through in the case of Justice Ayo Isa Salami. Because there seems to be some parallel between this and Justice Salami’s in terms of suspension.

“I would have thought that the president, who people say wants a second term, should be careful in listening to advice or acting in a manner that could heat up the polity; or creating an impression that he is beyond criticism. Robust criticisms of government can help.

“I have read what Ladi Williams said, that Sanusi’s action is tantamount to insubordination. He is certainly not talking law. I have read what the like of Aturu have said; people who rarely concern themselves with the rights of the people in government.

“I think any lawyer would want the rule of law to be followed. In my opinion, that rule has not been followed and the President or his advisers should do a rethink over the issue. After all Sanusi is going in June this year”, the pioneer chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) said.


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  2. Sanusi is a thief!!!!!!!!!!!!Sanusi’s Whistle Blowing And President Jonathan’s Queries.
    The Time And Dates Of Events.
    By Aliyu Bello Oxford, UK

    On 02/05/2013:
    President Jonathan send a Query to Sanusi over his fraudulent misappropriation of over N248b as contained in the 2012 CBN Account. Sanusi was told to respond on or before 18/05/2015.
    Some of the contents of the query includes:
    1] Donating N1b to BUK, Kano and he wrote that he donated N4b.
    2] Writing off N40b debt of a bank without documentation and authority.
    3] Invested $Billions in Malaysia Islamic Bank, with no return on Investment to Nigeria.
    4] Awarded 63 contract valued over N1b each, without approval or going through Govt requisition Process.
    5] Spend N1.257b for Lunch for his Police and Private Guards in a year.
    6] N1billion donation to a political party to build offices Nationwide.
    7] N4.5b to renovates his personal home without approval.
    8] N4b on a CBN PH branch building that was already completed.
    9] N2b Bogus payments to Airlines (some not registered in Nigeria, while another do not operate local fights) to distribute currency.
    10) Claimed paying Nigerian Security Printing & Minting in 2011 N38.233b for the “printing of bank notes”. Company’s turnover in 2011 is only group is N29.370b from all customers including CBN.
    11) Associated Airline was paid N1.025b in 2011, while the company was Dormant in the same year. (No Operation)
    And 33 other related shocking Frauds and gross embezzlement cases from Mallam Sanusi.

    On 22/05/2013:
    Sanusi responded to the President’s query and on studying the response, the President send his Query, the Audit by Ernest and Young and Sanusi’s response to The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Report.

    On 27 June, 2013.
    The FRC brought their finding to the President, and the President informed the National assembly.
    The House of Representative took over the issue and it was block by Kano legislatures, while the Presidency was still Pressing the Disgraced CBN Governor for more explanation.
    Sanusi was informed that a legal process will commence if he is not coming out with reasonable response to these monument frauds.

    On 27/09/2013
    When the heat was too much for Sanusi, he planned to divert the attention of Nigerian who might not be aware of indictment by CBN Audit and FRC’s reports, by whistle blowing to the President about unremitted $49.8billion from NNPC.
    He later apologized that he got his figures and calculation wrong and said that it is $12.8b, later $10.8b and lastly $20b.

    On 20/02/2014
    After waiting for Nearly 7 months after the release of the Financial Reporting Council indicting Sanusi of recklessness, frauds, and abuse of Office, the disgraced CBN was unable to provide any meaningful explanation for over N248b he wasted.

    President Goodluck Jonathan was left with no option than to suspend Mallam Sanusi Lamido to save the Nigerian economy from the embattled Sanusi, who just awarded a contract of N5billion to his would-be Brother In-law, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai to design Muti Billion Naira civic center for CBN.

    Regrettably, as reported in Hope For Nigeria and other Nigerian media outfits two days ago;
    1) the opposition party that benefited from Sanusi’s N1billion donation for them to build offices across Nigeria have politicized it and accusing the President of witch-hunting.
    2) Some uninformed Nigerians were saying that Sanusi is being punished because he reported a fraud in NNPC, but this is rubbish, as he has being trying to save his NECK from the billions of naira frauds in CBN.
    3) The same Nigerians forgot that Sanusi was invited to the National Assembly by both houses, for over 13 times in 2011 and 2012 for Frauds and reckless spending related offenses and these cases has being going on.
    4) Some not-fit-for Purpose law makers are already making noise about the suspension, forgetting that this action by the President was long overdue

    It is a shame that the FRC report was not properly reported by the over compromised Nigerian media, some of them benefited from Sanusi Lamido’s inducement of the local press to blow his trumpets, not knowing that he has almost emptied the central Bank of Nigeria.

    On 21/02/2014.
    Mallam Sanusi Lamido secured a court ruling stopping the SSS, Police and EFCC from arresting and prosecuting him about the Generational frauds.

    A clear conscience should fear no accusation. Why is Sanusi blocking the law enforcement agencies from doing their work?
    Lastly, right or wrong Nigerian acknowledged that there are big problem in NNPC, especially about financial mismanagement, but throwing unsubstantiable and frivolous allegation against them, as Sanusi has done is unacceptable.


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