No Northerner Must Contest 2015 Presidential Elections Or Else… – Asari-Dokubo

Asari-dokubo-478x300Former militant leader Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, on Monday warned that his fellow ex-comrades at arms in the oil-rich Niger Delta would cripple the Nigerian economy and make the country ungovernable if President Goodluck Jonathan failed to secure a second term ticket in the 2015 presidential election.

Asari-Dokubo, in an interview with National Mirror, insisted that the South-South region must be allowed to have an uninterrupted eight year term as guaranteed by the constitution, warning that anything short of that is a call to anarchy.

He also advised northerners not to seek election into the presidency on the platform of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the main opposition political group, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Asari-Dokubo, however, conceded to the APC, the right to field a presidential candidate from the South-South to challenge Jonathan in the election. He added that people of the Niger Delta would not accept defeat of Jonathan even in a free and fair contest as he must govern the country beyond 2015.

He said: “If it is war the North wants, we are ready for them because Jonathan must complete the mandatory constitutionally allowable two terms of eight years. At home, we have regrouped and we have put our people at alert.

“In less than one hour, the way we would strike, the world will be shocked. If anybody does anything against Jonathan, we will retaliate. What we will do will shock the whole world. We will cripple the economy of the country not only in the creeks, but also on the nation’s territorial waters, no vessel will be allowed to enter Nigeria’s territorial waters.

“Let them not try anything. If they abuse Jonathan, there is no problem, he is their President but anything that will affect the interest of the Ijaw people and the interest of the entire people of the Niger Delta will be resisted at any cost.”

Asari-Dokubo also vowed that the defeat of the president in a free and fair election would trigger crisis.

His words: Jonathan cannot be defeated, they cannot defeat him, they don’t have the right, every part of the country must have equal stake in the presidency of the country.

“Let them go and sleep in their houses. If they don’t, they are looking for trouble and we are going to give it to them. It will make better sense if APC picks its presidential candidate from the South- South. With that, there will be no battle for us to fight and it will make it easier for us. Whichever way it goes, it will enable us to continue our right of uninterrupted rule of eight years, which is the minimum constitutional requirement.

“They cannot take that from the South-South and we will not accept it because every part of the country must have equal access to the various institutions of government, especially at the federal level”, he added.


  1. Whatever that will occure, let it be becaues 2019 is the right of Igbo people. We South East will not take it politly with any part that will deprive us our own right, or let the whole Nation be ready for the seperation of the Nation.
    Biafra will be back again, if an Igbo person didn’t gain the seat of Presidency.
    Be it APC or PDP, i dnt CARE!

  2. Asari donkubo or wat ever ur name ix,dere wil be nting lyk war.and if you insist you want war den u must be a dead shit bcaux d north and south south will join force 2fight u idiot ijaw people of a tin

  3. Only a fool will talk this way.What can u do than bomb all the oil wells and so what? U tend to underestimate others.Violence begets violence.Jonathan is not the type of leader we need right now.Asari cannot force him on us.Elections will speak for us all.

  4. I stand by u my man the northerners should know that presidency is not there birth right no northerner will rule nigeria again but plss BUT for jonathan to rule us again pls he hasn’t meet our expectations especially to the igbo people soo I suggest u pick someone else not jonathan plss

  5. Do we still have SSS in the country? where are they now? its only if other talk that they remember they are to protect Nigeria…. hmmmmmmmm….. el rufai was interrogated last week for saying nothing close to the rubbish this idiot just said thou.

  6. So Asari wy dont U just declare that there is no going to be an election in 2015….period!!! Or wy shud U then allow Jonathan to waste money for the election that we had known the result bf the election. But know very well that you are not God….u can even die bf 2015 if God so desire. Be worn.

  7. I think jona need to talk to this man.asari is a man I respect so much but with what am seing now am not so sure if this man have any sense. Is he going to impose jona on us.I think the best thing he should do is to declear his brother the next president even without election. Fool

    • am so surprise why this boy is saying all this this is one person i respect so much with all this i dont think the respect from me is till there, pls we all no is by the grace of god that Jonathan will succeed this 2015 presidential election. for me i pray Good come back and sit up that is my prayer for him, pls Mr. Asari-Dokubo whatever you call yourself stop talking anyhow, you are not God and you dont no tomorrow stop it now so you can see 2015.

  8. Asari Dokubo must have been into theater before. He spoke freely without reservation, probably he studied theatre arts in the university. Nigeria is bigger than what someone somethere will sit down and continue to talk bla bla. Let’s wait till then

  9. This man called him self ASIRI is so so stupid for saying all this that man need a brain check up and SSS are listen to all this they are all fool

  10. Are u pple blind? He didn’t say GEJ must be imposed on us, he said d South South must complete dere tenure be it GEJ or any body frm d SS dat wants to contest. But not frm D north. D northernres hav over ruled. & its not fair, u are suckin oil frm dere land & u don’t want dem to rule? Haba na. D only thin is dat he is goin abt it d violent way (wich he must hav learnt frm d Northernres)

    • bird are d same feather, why are we discriminating ourselves both northerner and south south we are all d same niger let us pray for a good leaders that will listen to common man on this street either south, west ,north or east. but let asari knew one thing that this country is God own country there is nobody raise war again this country and that person was suceed. remember ojukwu fought without gain, abacha raise war to this country and his die on d throne asari beware of the wrap of God and don’t bring eternal curses on ur unborn children.

      • Thanks Samuel, these people need to learn from the mistakes of their past leaders, and make correction. the best thing to do collectively is to pray for better leader that will take Nigeria to promise land, is it not a shameful thing for Nigeria people to be crossing to the neighboring country for security. people are less concern with this but everybody is fighting for there selfish interest.

  11. I see reasons why the allocation of NigerDelta is greater than thAt of security. The Presidecy is using our money to equiping this guys for 2015.

    To Asari: wage war in your rivers and kill yourselves there…

  12. Asari Dokubo, am so petube to c u remain a full grown fool @ 40, when will u come 2 d realisation dat Nigeria operate a democratic system of government and dat d people reserve d right 2 determine who b there leader and not individuals, u bettet grow up and dnt allow what happened during Obasanjo’s regime 2 repeat itself. Take heed.

  13. when people talk as if they own their lives like this, it baffles me. but the truth of the matter remains that whatever that is gonna be will definitely be. God never sleeps and behold, he hears the cry of his children…. Asari or what u call your name? i just wanna let u know that he who carries the sword will definitely perish with the sword and u are not exempted. may God have merccy on his children…. Amen

  14. Is a big shame that an ex militant can come out and open is mouth and talk dis way, were is mba, IGP,AIG, sss, army,naval. Then it now mean that any super power can come to nigeria and take over. I think dis a wake up call for GEJ, that he has totally failed us.»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ sure asari is a fool

  15. Its very unfortunate that Oga Jona has nobody to talk for him in the whole country but some nincompop fool who barely knows what Nigeria is. I am very disappointed with this guy, whatever his foolish name is, because he hardly make a meaning out of all the rubbish he blabs. If it were in a serious country where law enforcement agencies know what they’re doing, he would have been nabbed and incarcerated and forgotten to rot in jail because of the ‘shits’ he spits. And mark you and your folks that, North is not your match in anyway despite the challenges we are facing. We are not perturbed by your empty threats of war as we have all it takes to crush you people into rumbles. If you’re doubting us, just try us.

  16. Asari is just a common militant,and like all militants,he is full of brawl but has no brain that is why he can afford to utter such trash.I know too well that nothing will happen if Jonathan loses in a free and fair election

  17. Pls o, we don’t need all dis tins, wat we need now is a good person dat hav d country’s interest at heart, let somebody like David mark represent dis great nation

  18. Well as for me personally the northernerns are too rule this country just as if we are just their slaves,but their have to bear it in mind that time has passed when their. Using us as if their own us,as an igbo man this country will now be ruled by ilaw man after him,the igbos will take mantle of leadership and show the natiion how things are done,that is what I know the igbos stand on.

  19. It is unfortunate that Nigeria’s security personnelle have power only on the common innocent people. God have mercy on our country

  20. Asari is a very stupid man for even uttering that unreasonable words, Th south south still has a capable hand ahead of 2015 in the likes of professor Tam david west,the ibrus, the oshiomole,

  21. Hehehe u know normaly when fool people like this orangotang talk u need to laugh b4 given them wht they deserve i am suprise to hear this balabs from u dirty monkey or wht evr u call urself is only the coward like u people are afraid of dead to us dead is a commoner so i dont care if u like or want to be dead without the notification of ur so call gangs try us nimkumpop and mind u sss, dss, police deprtment, armforce, u are of no use to the country if such an idiot will be saying this and u guys didn’t react i piety ur country one day one nimcumpop like him will come and claim the country and u wont have to say but to give him…..

  22. Dat is Naija 4u how can I a millitant,kidnaper nd useless man lyk ds man asari will jst com out public said some stupid rubish nd go unpunished.hmmm ds can only happen in nigerian.its not hs foult its OBJ foult.if not who are d south south. May God help nigerian.

  23. I dey laugh o. This foolish guy named Asari Dokubo has got the premonition that Jona’ll loose the 2015 election, hence this write-up. APC’ll field a Northerner, that’ll win landslide, with a Southerner as the running mate. Igbo’ll rule from 2023 to 2031. Jona is a failure. Deceptive appraisal of his regime, by his cohorts. Nothing’ll happen, post 2015.

  24. Let us together shape Nigeria. Aggressive talk or plans for violent is not the right way to forestall unity peace and progress. Let dialogue precede everything else. My people let us put on our thinking cap. Our laws should guide us otherwise we are doom.

  25. Asari u are nothing but a piece of shit…The fact that ur vision less brother Jonathan has given money doesn’t mean u should come out and disrespect or violate the law of the land.Remember what the bible said,the wicked of the land will never know peace…u are heaping curses upon ur head….

  26. Well, Asari u ve to read all these post and see that he messed up him self. Fine and good the Northerners shouldn’t take the presidency as their birth right and at the same time GEJ shouldn’t take it as his either. Asari, hard men are found in the grave. Real men don’t shout. You are and can never be God. Let the will of God be done in our country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.
    We all need to be prayerful and say NO to violence. War cannot unite us. Asari remember death is inevitable and unavoidable. Nobody knows who is going down first. DO NOT BE TOO PROUD OF YOUR ARMS FOR THEY ARE MAN-MADE

  27. Alh.Mujahid Dokunbo Asari an Ijaw thug or what so ever you think you are I don’t thick fighting or threatening is the solution to the Nation so I think the solution is to have a National conference since the Nation has reach an Almagamation level so our leaders have to seat and share the country in a peaceful way so that you people can take. Your oil resources and we the northernan wil go for our Agriculture and let see who are going to regret so let’s embrace peace and avoid blood shed.

  28. Dis asari of a man is bullshit, original arangotang ! That a large monkey like this can be swinging n yapping in publicplace untouched leaves me without doubt that Nigeria is fast growing as a jungle!

  29. Asari daku….
    you ve just tresspassed…
    you have chewed more than
    you can swallow…
    my igbo people said that
    “no one comes in owls domain
    with a wild eyes…coz owl itself
    is an epitom of big and wild eyes,becareful!!!
    watch what you say.
    you re not the only desperate fan.


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  31. Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. ….ASARI DOKUBO IS JUST A LOUDMOUTH FOOL..

  32. u talk as if ur nt a nigeria wel it seems d Gej has pump in money into u dat u dnt evn think b4 u talk ur a disgrace what are d sss doin hmmm are u comin to bomb d north or south ur a fool at 40+ a disgrace to humanity

    u talk as if ur nt a nigeria wel it seems d Gej has pump in money into u dat u dnt evn think b4 u talk ur a disgrace what are d sss doin hmmm are u comin to bomb d north or south ur a fool at 40+ a disgrace to humanity

  33. We the igbos are solidly behind Jonathan… No illetrate northerner shall rule us again… The igbos also have equal right to rule this nation.. If not, we shall secede from Nigeria and Biafra shall rise again!!!

  34. Intelligent people apply wisdom in diagnosing happenings. The born-to-rule Hausa/Fulani devourers and insatiable, myopic, senselessly brutal and non-contributive, irreligiously religious morons are the cog in the wheel of Nigeria’s progress. All they know is to cajole simple-minded ones into cultism of Arab origin which they foolishly call a religion, with which they shed innocent blood and get more money from the Arab world that they are spreading a religion. It is STUPID to say that when the beasts wash parts of their bodies now and again and put on white garments, they are religious. With their SATANIC hearts, they move around with charms and all kinds of weapons hidden in their clothes and are ready to KILL for no reason. Of their 38 years of misruling Nigeria, they looted the nation nonsensically. They now use the money that does NOT come from their ARID land to enslave and hoodwink simpletons into their cult, misnamed a religion. They use oppression and denial of people’s rights and privileges as a bait on the weak-minded to join them – material nonsense with devilish hearts. Just a minute. Of the 250 tribes in Nigeria, how come the remaining 248 tribes have left themselves so loose that the Hausa/Fulan devils are the ones controlling us with the money got from oil of the South-South? How and why? Must this continue? Why are we worshipping them instead of coming together to put our country on the right path? They don’t own the country so there is no way they can value it or anything therein. Whoever is heaping blames on GEJ should cast his mind back to the years preceding his coming on to the throne. When does anyone think that the Hausa/Fulani will stop their ABYSMAL WICKEDNESS? What do they value? Both of them cherish BLOODBATH! The nation cannot be peaceful if we cannot see reason and assiduously work together to liberate ourselves from the Hausa/Fulani plunderers. We should ENSURE that human beings rule this country for VERY MANY YEARS to come for our localities to be properly developed so that those other tribes that are alive and are still in the lunatic enclaves, can move away en mass to peaceful places. These people keep killing us because of being entrapped in their midst but their beggary, parasitic and wasted population leaps. When shall we see wisdom and come together? Is it good to allow the vultures to take over the land? Is there any tribe they have not killed? The money they have stolen from the country is what they have used in their lunatic networks of Jihad in this modern world. The jihad of 1804 that did not succeed in Nigeria, is it now they can succeed? They know what they are practising is not a religion that is why they are using force to intimidate SENSIBLE people to join them. I do not think it realizable for two LUNATIC tribes to overpower all the remaining 248 tribes, if we are collective in rational thinking and action. Is it a Hausa/Fulani person that must rule our country and that other tribes must seek their consent to be allowed to rule? Is it not a shameful thing? Some senseless ones think that the two lunatics must be worshipped. It not that they are religious but they believe in violence to frighten other people. Who can be a champion for ever? SHIT!

  35. My brother say “make we no start Wetin we no fit finish”that one go be wasted effort and many step backward.


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