Noble Move By Praiz, Who Raised N10m And Saved Baby With Hole In Heart

praizPopular R&B singer Praiz Adejo has managed to raise the money needed for post-surgery treatment of the little girl.


In February 2014 the celebrity released some advertisement on his various social media platforms, offering 100% of the revenue from the sales of his callertune ‘Oshé’ towards post-operative care for a baby girl who had just completed an operation to treat a serious heart condition (a hole in her heart).

The girl, named Somaya Olayinka Dahli underwent a successful heart surgery in late 2013. However, her parents were informed that afterwards she would need an expensive treatment treatment, monitoring and care to keep her alive.

When Praiz learnt about the situation, he immediately decided to help the family.

Now it has been announced that Praiz successfully raised the sum of N10 Million via the callertune project.

According to X3M Music act Praiz, “It was sad seeing Somaya go through all that pain. She’s a little girl who shouldn’t suffer like that.”

The grateful parents have already been presented with the money, which will cover all the medical bills.


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