Obasanjo’s Comment: SEE What Jonathan’s Camp Is Planning Against Him

Recent comment from President Olusegun Obasanjo’s about President Goodluck Jonathan’s promise to spend only one term in office has ignited a freshpanic in the President’s camp.

jonathan_and_obasanjo1Obasanjo in an interview in London on Tuesday once again revealed that President Jonathan had promised to to serve only one term and this caused anxiety in the camp of the President, leading to a review meeting in Abuja on Wednesday night.

It was learnt that those at the meeting claimed that Obasanjo has sympathy for the opposition and he might be out for a spoiler’s game in 2015, with a target of pitching Nigerians against the President.

Therefore a consensus was reached on how to checkmate Obasanjo’s plans to frustrate Jonathan’s second term bid and they are as follows:

•ignore his tirades unless they threaten national security;

•address only issues and not personality

•sustain the ongoing reconciliation in PDP and consolidate gains made by the party;

•Jonathan should continue to pursue his right to second term in office – in line with the laws of the land and the guidelines released by INEC; and

•leave the electorate to determine the fate of Jonathan in 2015.

A presidency source said: “We have agreed not to dignify Obasanjo with a response because he is not saying anything new. What should be the concern of all is the position of the 1999 Constitution on second term in office, which the President is entitled to.”


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