Passenger’s Hand Chopped Off By Moving Train In Lagos

train lagos

Despite warnings by the government, security agencies and concerned groups that passengers using rail transportation in Lagos should stop hanging on doors and roofs of trains, many passengers have continued, the dangers involved regardless. The situation however went awry yesterday as a passenger hanging on a train coach had his hand chopped off by the moving train.

The incident, according to an eyewitness, occurred when the passenger who was simply identified as Ernest, allegedly fell from the moving train which had a hitch in movement around 9 a.m. in Oshodi area of Lagos State.

Mr Olu Atoyebi, who witnessed the incident told Vanguard that Ernest fell from the moving train while his hand was stuck in between the coaches resulting to the hand being chopped off.

Writhing in pain, Ernest was said to have shouted for help, attracting sympathisers who rushed to the scene to offer assistance. They took him to an undisclosed hospital and invited his relations.

Atoyebi told Vanguard that the victim was to be blamed for his misfortune as he noted that there have been campaigns by the government against such act.