PHOTOS: I Attract A Lot Of Traffic And Men Just Cant Keep Their Eyes Off Me – Popular Singer

Like her father, Ras Kimono, Oge Kimono speaks in a blend of patois and English and sometimes you have to strain your ears to capture all she has to say. And she’s one girl who stands out in the crowd.


Ever since the act known as Oge Kimono dropped her debut single last year, she has never looked back as she has continued to grow from strength to strength. She recently shot the video of her single, Drum and Base due to popular demand and Oge couldn’t stop talking about her music career.

See excerpts of her interview below as she speaks on her music and appeal;

“The single’s entitled Drum and Base, it was released early last year, sometime in March and I did a couple of promotions and got massive airplay across Nigeria. So I felt the video was overdue because my fans are all over me for a video. I worked with a renowned music video director called AJE Filmworks.

“We shot scenes in places as far away as Togo but most of the scenes were shot in Festac Town, Lagos, because of the colours; we wanted bright reggae colours which depict the real Jamaican dance hall feel and it was wow!”

“I’m Nigerian but I’m more into reggae music. Yes, reggae music has its root and origin in Jamaica but we also have our African reggae as well. I just bring the two together and blend them in a unique way. Don’t forget I’m from a reggae family as well and my father has been influencing me; I mean da lion is still influencing da I,”.

Oge says that men find her irresistible due to her light complexion and that could be a big temptation. But thanks to her dad’s advice which has helped get her out of trouble with the opposite sex.

“As a young lady you’ll have men hitting on you all the time. I’m light skinned and I attract a lot of traffic; guys just can’t get their eyes off me and I understand they are just human so I don’t let it go to my head. When guys make passes at me I hear Daddy’s voice come screaming from the background and I’m like ‘okay Oge Kimono, you’ve gotta watch yourself.’”

“Fortunately I’ve not encountered that.I think it could have a lot to do with how you relate with people. When I meet producers for the first time I try to make them my friends. I don’t bore them with tales of how I want to blow overnight in music.

“When they see desperation in you, thats when they come after you.  I’m not desperate for fame. I’m doing music because I love music; I’ve never had that challenge.”

Source: The Sun


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