PHOTOS: Popular Singer Finally Reveals What Her Baby Looks Like After 5 Months + Family Photo

Popular singer Monica has finally shared a picture of her last baby and newest addition to her family, baby Laiya.

Monica Music Video Shoot

The mother of three wife to Shannon Brown had shaded her baby from the eyes of the public for reasons best known to her since she put to bed 5 months ago.

She has however, brought the wait to an end by sharing a few shots of the gorgeous baby girl on instagram.

In the lovely photo, little Laiya is seen wearing a cute silver dress with matching hair band, and wearing one of the loveliest smiles you could find on a baby her age.

Monica shared the photo along with this caption:

“She is such a girly girl already:(she keeps one hand up as if she’s holding a purse #LordHelpMe next nail polish and purses LOL!”

She also went a bit further by sharing a picture of herself and all her kids, baby Laiya, 8 year old Rocko and 6 year old Romelo.

monica-and-laiyah-shannon-brown monica-rocko-jr-romelo-laiyah

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