Police Nab Couple Who Specialize On Sale Of New Born Babies

A couple who operate a syndicate of buying and selling new born babies at their residence in Urhobo Road, Warri, Delta State are now in police net for allegedly selling a day-old baby girl.


Sources said the Ughelli born midwife, who lives with her husband in her late father’s compound, operates a poorly equipped medicine store which she uses as a base for the inhumane business.

It was further alleged that she does that with the connivance of poor and desperate parents of new born babies and women desperately in need of children.

Luck was said to have ran out on the couple when one of their patients, whose husband was in desperate need of money to buy a tricycle, agreed to sell their new born baby girl without the knowledge of his wife.

As a result, the unsuspecting mother was given a sedative while her new born baby was sold and the money given to her husband.

It was gathered that when she woke up, the woman demanded to see her new born baby girl and was told by her husband that the child died and had been buried.

Suspecting foul play, the mother immediately reported the matter to her relations who stormed the residence of the suspects with some policemen and after serious interrogation by her relations, the midwife was said to have confessed to the crime, saying it had been her stock in trade over the years.

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